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Treating the Physical in Addiction Recovery Programs
When you enroll in a program at Intervention Drug Rehab Wichita, you may think that the process is virtually entirely mental and emotional. However, you must keep in mind that addiction can be heavily physical. During your stay here, you will work to address all different types of issues, and your physical health will certainly play a role.

Supervised Detox
At the beginning, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. The extent, duration and intensity of the withdrawal symptoms will depend on several factors, including how long you were addicted, how severe your addiction was and the type of substance to which you were addicted. Withdrawal can come with some serious side effects, and that reason is one why supervised detox is so important. In the event that your body goes into shock or begins to experience other serious side effects, you will have a team of professionals to assist you.

Fixing Damage
Drugs and alcohol can do tremendous damage to your body. Sometimes, you can fix this damage. When you learn about the physical ailments that have already happened in your body, you can talk to the doctors about ways that you reverse the effects. You may discover that the solution will take a great amount of time, or you may discover that even a short period of time away from drugs or alcohol will help that part of your body to heal.

Predisposition to Diseases
Even if you can start to repair certain parts of your body, the damage you have done may leave you predisposed to certain types of conditions. For example, if you were constantly using drugs that hurt your lungs, you may discover that you have a greater chance of developing lung cancer. You can work with the doctors to develop plans for lessening your chances.

Current Conditions
Based on your drug or alcohol usage, you may already have contracted certain diseases or conditions. In the past, you may not have even realized you were ill, or you might not have cared. Identifying these current conditions at Intervention Drug Rehab Wichita, KS, is an important part of your recovery. When you start to address them, you can acquire a better overall level of physical health.

Irreversible Damage
Depending upon the extent of your addiction and the type of drug that you were using, you may learn that you have done irreversible damage to your body. The idea is not to give up, however. Even though you have already done damage, you can work with the specialists at Intervention addiction treatment center Wichita to prevent further damage from happening. Also, you can learn about strategies for coping with these issues.

Curbing Physical Addiction
If you have a physical addiction to a drug, the specialists at Wichita Drug Rehab Center will help you to develop strategies to address temptation. Your body may crave this drug at some point in the future, especially if you are near it. The team here helps you to learn how to avoid the temptation and to find otherwise to satisfy the urge that your body feels to use the substance.

Better Physical Health
While you are at Intervention Wichita substance abuse treatment, the specialists will encourage you to care about your health in other ways by promoting physical activities and healthy eating habits. Through developing a greater sense of why your health is important, you can feel the necessary motivation to stay away from substances.

Your physical addiction plays a large role in your recovery program at Intervention Drug Rehab Wichita. By addressing this issue, you can learn how to live a better and healthier life.


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