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About Our Location

When it comes to choosing a substance abuse treatment center for a serious addiction, it’s important to be thorough and wise with your final decision. We have helped many men and women achieve full recovery after struggling for years with various drug or alcohol dependencies. If you are currently struggling with addiction or know someone who is, we are ready to help you as well. Deciding to attend recovery is a challenge for many, but at Intervention Drug Rehab New Orleans, we make the choice easy and get you started right away.

Dual Diagnosis

At Intervention addiction treatment New Orleans, LA, we conduct our treatment with dual diagnosis. This is a rather new form of treatment within recovery. Before dual diagnosis, drug problems were treated head on without thinking about mental issues or emotional side effects that may have caused or prolonged various dependencies in the first place. This often caused relapse in clients because naturally, many addictions form out of mental health issues such as bipolar disorder or clinical depression.

To help clients avoid relapse, dual diagnosis was developed. At our facilities, all of our counselors and therapists are well-versed in dual diagnosis to help clients get at the roots of their addictions instead of just cleaning up things on the surface and sending them back out into the real world.

Detox Without Withdrawal Symptoms

When clients enter our substance abuse treatment facilities at Intervention New Orleans addiction treatment center the first process they undergo is detoxification. Lots of perspective recovery clients fear this process because of the possibility of withdrawal symptoms during detox. But there’s nothing to worry about here. We believe in detoxification without severe withdrawal symptoms like migraines, hallucinations, stomach pains and other uncomfortable symptoms. Our specialists are well trained to professionally supervise detoxes for clients that will keep them comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

Counseling and Therapy

Detox is the first step toward full recovery from substance abuse, and counseling comes next. We have two main types of therapy and counseling at our location. First, there’s individual therapy with a licensed and trained therapist or psychiatrist. This individual will help clients figure out whether a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment track plan will be best. Length of treatment is usually based on the severity of the drug abuse.

We also offer peer group therapy at Intervention Drug Rehab New Orleans. In group therapy, clients are able to connect with other men and women who are going through similar situations with drug or alcohol abuse. Group therapy can be cathartic in that it allows individuals to see that they are not alone in their struggle toward sobriety.

A Holistic Approach to Care

We take a holistic approach to substance abuse care by offering a number of programs and courses to enhance recovery. These include hiking, yoga and kayaking. We also have a low intake at our facility, which means that each individual client gets the attention they deserve at all times.

Intervention Drug Rehab is Ready to Help You

Many of those who find themselves struggling with substance abuse attempt to try detox and recovery on their own. Unfortunately, trying to quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey after having a serious problem will not only be an intensely difficult challenge, but it will also be dangerous to your health and psyche. Not having professionals nearby to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms can even be fatal. Don’t go through detoxification by yourself or even with the help of a good intentioned loved one. Get professional help by contacting us today at Intervention substance abuse recovery center New Orleans, LA. We can begin your Journey toward recovery alongside you as soon as you’re ready.


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