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If you have been suffering from the disease of addiction, you are no doubt left to ponder whether or not there is a way out. The short answer is “yes,” there is always a way out. However, the process has to start with you. When you’re ready to admit you are helpless against your addiction and really want help, Intervention Drug Rehab New Orleans, LA, is here to help you.

It might help you to know that millions of people have gone on to happy and successful lives after spending time in a drug and alcohol rehab center, beating their addiction in the process. The process is not simple, but getting your life back on track is what makes it worth the time, effort and money. If you have read about other means of fighting addiction, you should know that professional treatment centers provide the only recovery methodology that works on a consistent basis.

At our facility, we specialize in providing a full spectrum of addiction treatment services for residential clients. Depending on the depth and circumstances surrounding your addiction, we can develop a 30, 60 or 90 treatment program that is designed to meet your specific needs.

At Intervention addiction treatment New Orleans, LA, we aim to treat every aspect of your disease. The process begins with an assessment by one of our licensed clinicians. If so prescribed, you will be placed in a monitored detox program that is safe and comfortable. The focus of detox will be to help you rid your body of the dangerous toxins that can cause irreparable harm to your system. With a mind and body that are relatively free from drugs and/or alcohol, you will be better prepared for the rigors of treatment, which requires absolute focus and commitment.

Once you enter the treatment phase of your stay, you will be working closely with licensed counselors who care about helping clients regain a better position in life. During one on one counseling sessions, you will get the opportunity to learn more about your addiction and some of its possible root causes. From that knowledge, you and your counselors will be able to work together to develop some life and coping skills designed to deal with issues specific to your life.

Another one of the important treatment options we provide is group counseling. In group therapy, each client gets the opportunity to learn more about the dangers of addiction and the possibility of recovery. It’s during these group sessions that many of our clients are able to start building a support system that can help them avoid relapses on the outside.

From time to time, we discover that mental and emotional issues might be contributing to a client’s need to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. In those cases, we are able to initiate a dual diagnosis treatment program that addresses those issues and provides solutions that are designed to help the client cope better in the real world.

Finally, most of our treatment programs here at Intervention Drug Rehab New Orleans include access to wellness programs that promote better physical health. Along with activities such as meditation, yoga and kayaking, we promote good overall health through nutrition and exercise.

Our facility uses a rolling enrollment format and low client intake in order to assure our services are readily available for any prospective client who might be reaching out for help in their time of need. The key to our success here at Intervention New Orleans Drug Rehab is we help guide our clients to recovery, fully equipped with the tool they will need for relapse prevention.


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