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About Our Location

It is possible to kick your drug habit and live a life of sobriety at Intervention Drug Rehab Lafayette, CA. Here, we have top quality addiction specialists ready to help you with dual diagnosis, experienced and skilled specialists, monitored detox and many other amenities. We have helped many individuals find their way to a better life, and if you’re ready, we’d love to help you too. Making changes in your life isn’t easy, but at Intervention addiction treatment Laffayette, we’re here to help.

Get Started With a Personalized Plan

Dual diagnosis is something that can help streamline your treatment because through decades of addiction research, we have found that almost all of those who struggle with substance dependency also struggle with other underlying issues. Dual diagnosis helps to pin down the underlying causes of addiction, and our specialists help to work through these issues with intense counseling and therapy.

Each of our compassionate and knowledgeable treatment providers will cater a recovery plan to you as an individual because we know that there are no two addiction experiences that are exactly the same. Your treatment plan may be set against a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment course. The length of your program will depend on the severity of your addiction and exactly what drugs you have used in the past.

Dealing With Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the things that many patients fear when they come into treatment is withdrawal. To be sure, withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and painful at times. But at Intervention substance abuse treatment Lafayette, CA, we don’t like to think about withdrawal symptoms as being absolutely necessary during the detoxification process. In fact, we aim to alleviate withdrawals with our detox specialists and top quality detox facilities.

The Process of Counseling and Therapy

Once the detoxification part of your recovery has concluded, there’s still a lot more work that needs to be done. Most of this will be done through peer group therapy and one-on-one therapy with our experienced and knowledgeable counseling staff.

We also like to promote positive coping mechanisms because many of our patients are used to turning to drugs and alcohol when they get stressed or anxious. Of course, therapy will help with this, but we also offer programs and courses in yoga, kayaking, meditation and hiking as well as many others.

Throughout your 30, 60 or 90 day treatment program, you will be able to take advantage of these programs to help round out your recovery process. Once you leave our doors, we want you to be able to deal with your stress and anxiety in a positive way instead of relapsing into drug and alcohol abuse. This will be a vital step toward full recovery and a lifetime of sobriety.

Find Help at Intervention Drug Rehab

At Intervention Lafayette Drug Rehab, we are here for you no matter where you are on your recovery timeline. When you’re ready to make the call and begin a treatment program that is catered to you individually, we are ready to step up and make that happen.

We have a large network of providers, which includes physicians, counselors, case managers and psychiatrists. They know the key steps that need to be taken in order for someone to get sober after serious addiction, and they will be there with you for every one of those steps. All of our care is comprehensive, and it begins as soon as you step through our doors.

We offer rolling enrollment to allow anyone to enter our recovery programs whenever they’re ready. But it all starts with you. You need to make that first call.


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