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Talking to Your Parents about Addiction Rehab
Many adults struggle to admit that they have an issue with drug or alcohol addiction, so if you are a teenager who has realized that this situation is present in your life, you should feel proud for admitting that you have an issue. You also know that you can’t tackle this struggle with the support of your parents and professional treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Baton Rouge, LA, but you don’t know how to talk to the former about the latter.

Know They May Know
Right now, you may think that your parents have no idea that you have been using drugs or alcohol. Understanding that they might have suspected some level of usage can help you to feel more comfortable talking with them. However, you likely know your parents well, and you may also recognize that this news can come as a major shock. While you may want to hide details about how bad the situation is from your parents, keep in mind that doing so can only lead to more troubles. You want to properly inform them so that they can help you.

Develop Reasonable Expectations When Obtaining Help
Right now, you may think that the best idea is to speak with a trusted guidance counselor, doctor or therapist. Keep in mind that depending upon your age, this person may be required to tell your parents immediately. Even if you tell a relative or friend, that person may feel compelled to let your family know for fear that you won’t pursue help at Intervention addiction treatment Baton Rouge, LA. Rallying support on your side is important. You may want to speak to someone immediately before you tell your parents.

Gather Information
Once you have realized that you need assistance from Intervention substance abuse treatment Baton Rouge, gathering information is a smart idea. For example, you may want to request a brochure. You can show your parents that you are serious about going to the rehab center and that you have taken the time to gather information. Find out if you can schedule an appointment to speak with someone. Once again, remember that due to your age, you may need to have a parent or guardian present for this conversation. However, finding some time to procure information is wise.

Research Teen Programs
In addition to finding out general information about the program, you can also see what Intervention addiction recovery Baton Rouge has to offer to teens. Your parents might worry about you going into a program that caters toward adults. When you can tell your parents that facilities are available for young people, you can ease some of their concerns. On top of that, find a contact number that you can give them. That way, they can call to chat with a specialist to learn more about the program and the options available.

Have Your Reasons
When you first tell your parents, they might say that they want to try to tackle this problem at home. You are already at the point where you know that you want the assistance at Intervention Drug Rehab Baton Rouge, LA. By expressing to your parents how intense your addiction really is, you may be able to convince them. Write down all of the reasons why you want to go to rehab before you talk to them. Showing this level of maturity can help to convince them that you can thrive in a setting with professional assistance.

Speaking to your parents about alcohol or drug abuse can seem frightening at first, and you may continue to feel anxious during the conversation. Remember that this conversation may be a difficult one, but it is a important discussion to have when you want to recover from your addiction.


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