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The journey toward addiction recovery and lasting sobriety does not have to be solitary or frightening. Our network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Livonia will be there for your or your loved one every step of the way. Each addiction recovery program at our drug rehab center is designed from a dual diagnosis approach that aims to restore your body and mind. The length of treatment can last 30, 60, or 90 days. This will be decided through evaluations and assessments with your case manager when you arrive at treatment and will be based on your severity of substance abuse and personal addiction history.

Detox is the first step of the addiction treatment process at Intervention Drug Rehab, Livonia. It is imperative to go through detox at the beginning of treatment because it causes the brain to inform the body that it is no longer physically dependent on substance abuse. We know that the idea of withdrawals can cause many individuals to give up on treatment. Our physicians prescribe and administer stabilizing medication to ensure your comfort and ease throughout the entire procedure.

After detox, you will move into one of our luxury environments alongside others who are living in sobriety. Being around like minded individuals as you learn positive coping mechanisms, sober social norms, and relapse prevention techniques will only encourage your recovery. Our network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Livonia will help you discover which positive practices like meditation, art, yoga, 12 step programs, counseling or group therapy work best for you. These practices are meant to replace using drugs or alcohol when you are feeling stressed or tempted.

Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Livonia accepts new patients on a rolling enrollment basis. Our network of providers takes pride in the fact that our staff to client ratio is almost at 1:1. This is a feature that is rarely seen in most drug rehab facilities. We also offer exciting off-site activities on the weekends. Group outings like go-karting, kayaking, hiking, beach trips, shopping days, and movie nights are designed to inspire self-sufficiency and to create bonds between you and your peers.

Toward the end of your addiction recovery program at Intervention Addiction Treatment, Livonia, you will have the chance to take part in our professional preparation services. We truly want to see you succeed professionally and personally, after your time in treatment comes to an end. Our counselors and case managers will offer classes on creating a resume, participating in mock interviews, and you can even get help with your job search. When your treatment program ends, we want you to be equipped with all of the tools and skills that are necessary for maintaining sobriety at home and in the work force.

If you or a loved one could use professional help with breaking the cycle of substance abuse in your life, call Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Livonia. Our intake coordinators are ready and waiting to facilitate your complete and total recovery from addiction.


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