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About Our Location

Do not live your life under the control of drug addiction and substance abuse. You have the power to achieve a life of sobriety. All you need is professional care and assistance. Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Kirkwood location will give you the exact kind of addiction treatment program you need to gain lifelong sobriety.

Intervention Drug Rehab Kirkwood ensures that every one of their patients gets exactly what they need by treating each patient with a unique treatment program created specifically for them. When you begin treatment at this drug rehab center, your unrivaled team of doctors and therapists will evaluate your addiction and experience with substance abuse. With this information, they will design a dual diagnosis addiction treatment program that will target your specific mental and physical addiction symptoms.

Once your personalized program is set in place, you will begin treatment. Your first procedure at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s Kirkwood location will be medically assisted detoxification. This addiction treatment will remove all of the toxins out of your body, leaving you in complete control over your capacities. Your physicians will prescribe stabilizing medications for you to take, so you will remain at ease during the detoxification process.

When detoxification is complete, you will be ready to embrace sober social norms and be treated with social modes of care. This will take place as you live in Intervention Drug Rehab Center Kirkwood’s sober living community. You will get your own personal space and share community living areas with your housemates. Interacting with other patients undergoing addiction treatment and recovery is a vital part to achieving holistic health. You will learn how to communicate and work with others to form a sober support network. Learning how to trust and depend on others for motivation and support is just as important as becoming a completely independent individual.

You will, however, learn how to be self-sufficient in the relapse prevention program at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s Kirkwood location. Professional preparation services will teach you how to manage your finances, write a resume, and find a job. Health classes will teach you about proper nutrition and how to maintain your physical well-being. Positive coping mechanisms will be available in your free time so you can have fun and bond with your network of sober support. Some of the activities offered are hiking, yoga, art, movies, as well as off-site group excursions.

To help you gain peace of mind, the Kirkwood location of Intervention Drug Rehab offers an assortment of therapeutic treatments. You will attend one-on-one meetings with a psychiatrist, group therapy sessions with your peers, and twelve step program meetings. You will also learn how to use meditative techniques to find stability in your daily life. When you are in control of your body and mind, you will live a successful sober life.

You can be in control of your life. Treat your addiction and be free. Contact the intake coordinators at Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Kirkwood location to learn more about the different treatment programs available here, and register for your own program today.


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