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About Our Location

Drug related overdose deaths have been on the rise in the United States over the past ten years. Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Chesterfield wants to offer you the chance to tackle your addiction before it is too late. Our drug rehab center takes new patients on a rolling enrollment basis. We strive to keep our capacity low, in order to provide the maximum amount of quality care and our broad spectrum of services at all times. Our network of providers is proud to offer a staff to client ratio that is almost 1:1, a statistic that is nearly unheard of at other drug rehab centers.

Each of our addiction recovery programs at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Chesterfield are completely customizable for each client, and they are based on individual addiction histories and severity of substance abuse. The length of treatment can last 30, 60, or 90 day and will be determined via evaluations and assessments with your case manager at the start of your program. We approach recovery with dual diagnosis treatment that identifies the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction. Because addiction is a disease that takes a heavy toll on both the mind and the body, we find it imperative to treat both your mental and physical side effects of the illness.

It is important to us that we facilitate your creation of a sober support network to be there for you, even after treatment ends. While living in one of Intervention Drug Rehab, Chesterfield’s opulent sober living homes, you will function alongside other clients in recovery. Through living together in this home setting, you will utilize sober social modes of care. You will be able to adopt positive coping mechanisms like yoga, meditation, art, hiking, 12 step programs, group therapy, and individual counselings. Our network of providers is committed to helping you find out which of these positive practices work for you as replacements for substance abuse.

Before you transition into living at our sober living facilities, it’s necessary for you to go through detox. This is every client’s first step at Intervention Addiction Treatment, Chesterfield. It is important to go through detox at the start of treatment so that your brain is able to recognize that your body is no longer physically dependent on substance abuse or alcohol. We know that the idea of experiencing withdrawals is overwhelming, and our physicians will prescribe you regulated medication to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire experience.

At the end of your addiction recovery program, we will offer you the opportunity to participate in our professional preparation services. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Chesterfield truly wants to see you succeed both professionally and at home. You can get help with creating a resume, go through simulated interviews, and even receive assistance with your job search. We know that one of the hardest steps of recovery can be reaching out for help, but we promise that when you do, we will be there for you every step of the way. Call and get help with your addiction today.


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