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If you or someone you know is suffering under the weight of a severe drug or alcohol addiction, Intervention Drug Rehab Las Vegas, NV, is here to help achieve lasting recovery. Over the years, our dual diagnoses substance abuse treatment center have aided hundreds of clients on their journeys toward a better life after recovery from addiction. We would love to help you in whatever circumstance you find yourself. Recovery is always possible for any client of addiction.

Avoid Relapse With Dual Diagnosis

It is not uncommon in the least for those who struggle with substance abuse to also struggle with other mental health issues. For example, someone who is addicted to cocaine may also have bipolar disorder. Another person who is struggling with prescription drug abuse may also be clinically depressed.

We want to be aware of any mental or emotional side effects that may have caused addiction in the first place or prolonged it in the past. When the psychiatrists and addiction specialist on staff at Intervention Las Vegas assess each client upon enrollment, they begin with this dual diagnosis form of treatment. During that initial contact, a treatment plan is also set up. Treatment plans are catered to the individual client’s needs, and the client can choose from a 30, 60 or 90 day plan.

Safe and Effective Detoxification

Once you have decided between a 30, 60 or 90 day course of recovery, detox is the next step on your path toward sobriety. Along with the attacks often comes talk of withdrawal symptoms, which sometimes can range from mild headaches and nausea to full-blown stomach pains, vomiting and hallucinations. At Intervention Drug Rehab Las Vegas, we don’t believe that withdrawal symptoms and this severe discomfort have to be a part of the recovery process. That’s why we have experienced detox experts who will be able to induce detox without withdrawal symptoms.

Individualized Therapy for Every Client

The detoxification process is a necessary step on the road to recovery, but the real work of full recovery happens during therapy. There are two main types of therapy offered at Intervention substance abuse recovery in Las Vegas, NV. First, we have individualized therapy. During this therapy, you will speak with your assigned psychiatrist or counselor about your addiction, and this provider will also help you work through a dual diagnosis if this is applicable to you.

The second type a therapy that we offer at Las Vegas Intervention Drug Rehab, is group and peer therapy. These may be small or large groups of individuals who are all struggling under similar circumstances. Being able to speak with other sufferers of addiction will help you relate to them and deal better with your own struggles. You will also be able to offer your own support to help them achieve their recovery goals, which can be extremely rewarding in itself.

In addition to individualized and group therapy sessions, coping methods that you can learn during your time with us and that can help you deal with stress post-rehab are also available. These include things like yoga, hiking and kayaking.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible With Intervention Drug Rehab Las Vegas

Whenever you are ready to take the next step on your journey toward a better life after addiction, we are ready to get you started. We offer open enrollment all throughout the year, so there’s no need to wait for a specific enrollment period. Make the call today and we can get you started with an immediate and comprehensive 30, 60 or 90 day treatment program over the phone.

Recovery is possible for anyone. It doesn’t matter what substances you have abused or how long you have been using. To learn more, contact Intervention addiction treatment in Las Vegas, NV, today.


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