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Substance abuse recovery and a lifestyle of sobriety are achievable with the aid of Intervention Drug Rehab in Las Vegas. Our network of professional providers has helped many fulfill their desire for long-term sobriety. Our top-of-the-line recovery services offer dual diagnosis and treatment for psychological and physical conditions. A positive and uplifting addiction treatment is provided by our team of psychiatrists, physicians and counselors. Choosing the road to recovery is easier when you have the helping hand of our professional staff.

An individualized treatment is provided for each and every client, because years of training and experience have culminated in compassionate, understanding care at Intervention substance abuse treatment Las Vegas, NV. Treating each client uniquely according to their mental, psychological side effects and physical addiction provides healing results that last. A cookie-cutter treatment does not provide the answers needed for everyone. Instead, substance abuse impacts each person differently and must be addressed to fit their unique needs. Our network of providers respects the needs of each individual and provides addiction treatment that produces long-term sobriety.

Safely Withdraw

Intervention Las Vegas uses a detoxification system for clients who need to clear their system of drugs or alcohol. Our recovery program does not require a painful withdrawal process. Instead, a specialized doctor administers the detox here and closely monitors the comfort and the progress of the entire detoxification. Clients can relax during the detox process and get free from the drugs or alcohol in their system during a 30, 60 or 90-day recovery program.

Learning to handle life’s pressures and stress without the need for substance abuse is a necessary component at Intervention Las Vegas addiction recovery center. One-on-one therapy is provided in each individual treatment plan, which is based on the history and the severity . A complete and thorough plan for success will be created for you. You will not be on this journey alone. Many lonely people unsuccessfully attempt to become free from addiction every day. The tools for coping are just one of the reasons why the treatment at Intervention drug rehab Las Vegas is so successful.

Recover the Joy of Living

In addition to one-on-one therapy, group sessions are used to promote healing, wellness and to prevent relapses. Peer group interaction allows clients to practice coping mechanisms that work. Interactive activities are introduced in a group setting. The techniques learned during peer interaction are crucial for successful, long-term freedom from addiction. Intervention Las Vegas drug rehab center introduces clients to nature and activities such as kayaking, yoga, hiking and meditation. Activities such as yoga and meditation may be used long-term to replace the unhealthy coping mechanism of drug use. This is a beautiful way to appreciate life and to recover the joy of living.

Rolling enrollment at Intervention substance abuse recovery in Las Vegas, NV, is used to achieve small and intimate treatment experiences for each client. Professional assistance from counselors, psychiatrists and physicians are available 24-7 during the 30, 60 or 90 day recovery program. Quality care and attention is overseen by case managers that are assigned to each individual. The case manager provides an umbrella of observation and feedback to the team of providers that oversee the client.

Compassionate care is available at Intervention addiction recovery Las Vegas. Visiting the treatment center will provide you with immediate and comprehensive, compassionate care. You don’t have to experience a painful withdraw to step into sobriety. The program provided here offers an effective detoxification and an umbrella of compassionate care. This successful recovery treatment plan at Intervention Drug Rehab Las Vegas, NV, has provided many people with the addiction recovery that they wanted and needed in order to achieve their life goals and dreams.


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