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If you know that you’re ready to quit drugs and alcohol once and for all, you need professional drug addiction treatment at Henderson Intervention Drug Rehab. Knowing where to start can be a challenge, but we are here to help, and to date, we have already assisted hundred addicts on their journeys toward new lives as sober individuals.

At Intervention substance abuse recovery Henderson, NV, we offer dual diagnosis treatment plans. This means that we will treat both your addiction directly and any underlying mental side effects that may have caused or prolonged your addiction. Dual diagnosis is a central part of recovering fully from substance abuse.

Detox Can Be Pain Free

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is essential to recovering fully from an drug or alcohol dependency. Withdrawal symptoms are often a roadblock for clients who ultimately want to recover from their addictions. Fortunately, at Intervention Drug Rehab Henderson, NV, we offer pain-free detoxes. Each one of our detox specialists knows how to properly supervise detoxes without causing painful withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting or headaches. In order to recover, why should you have to endure terrible pain? We don’t think you should, and we want to make the experience as calming and relaxing as possible in order to heal your body and prepare you for therapy and counseling.

Counseling by Knowledgeable and Experienced Addiction Specialists

When you are seeking recovery, it’s important that you have somewhere to turn for help and guidance. This is one of the foundation blocks of our treatment program as we have an extended network of providers available to guide you through your recovery every step of the way. Our network includes psychiatrists, therapists, doctors, advisors and others who will offer healing and support to you as you go through this challenging journey. Even though you do have a challenge ahead of you and recovery is a process, we’ll be here with you every turn.

An essential part of any recovery plan is knowing how to cope when life gets you down. Stress and anxiety are natural parts of life, but turning to drugs and alcohol is never the answer. Unfortunately, this is a common habit of those who struggle with substance abuse. Furthermore, once someone has trained themselves to go straight to substance use when life gets them down, it can be difficult to undo this habit.

Through therapy, you will be taught important coping mechanisms that can stay with you for the rest of your life and help you deal with life’s stress without relapsing. Often, these coping mechanisms are activities that help you physically and get you out into nature. For example, on our campus, we offer yoga, hiking, kayaking and other similar activities.

Don’t Go Through Detox Alone

Some individuals who have struggled with addiction may have the feeling that professional rehab is unnecessary, and this may cause them to try detox alone. You must know that this is a dangerous path to take, and research has shown times and again that trying to detox and recover alone almost always leads to relapse and prolonged addiction.

Avoid putting yourself and your family through relapse, and do what you need to do in order to recover fully once and for all from your addictions. Our facilities are ready to help you with one of our comprehensive and immediate 30, 60 or 90 day treatment courses. You can enroll at whatever time suits your schedule through our ongoing rolling enrollment program. We have unlimited intake at Intervention Henderson Drug Rehab, which enables us to give our full attention to each of our clients at all times. Contact us today for more information.


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