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About Our Location

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Albuquerque, New Mexico ensures that you no longer need to fear addiction recovery treatment. Our network of providers are experienced at identifying what underlying issues have contributed to your substance abuse. We understand sobriety may seem impossible to you, however change is possible with Intervention Drug Rehab Association Albuquerque, New Mexico as we provide the correct approach, method of treatment, and support. We will provide you with motivation as we will never leave your side throughout the journey. Change is possible, and you can start today by calling us.

Our system understands that recovery requires personalized treatment as everyone does not respond effectively to the same method. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Albuquerque, New Mexico will begin by putting you through a thorough screening in order to determine how severely you have been affected with addiction. Once we have assessed your addiction history and severity you will be placed either in a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. Treating addiction with a case by case basis has been proven to be much more effective versus treating everyone with a communal method. As we continue to provide you with tailored care we will have you enrolled into our facility with a balanced, rolling enrollment plan. This plan ensures you will be provided with the personalized care you deserve as we are able to provide our broad selection of services and maximum care to you whenever needed.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Albuquerque, New Mexico operates as a dual diagnosis facility. With dual diagnosis we address the comprehensive addiction that develops over prolonged substance abuse. Addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body, and soul. It compromises brain functioning by affecting the brainstem which controls the heart rate, breathing, and sleeping; the cerebral cortex which controls the senses and thinking center; and limbic system which controls the pleasure receptors. With the substance abuse you undergo the drugs will begin to force the brain to release abnormal amounts of dopamine or natural neurotransmitters. This effect occurs because the drugs mimic the neurotransmitters, receptors, and transporters that are part of the brain functioning. With our method of approach, dual diagnosis will address both the physical and psychological aspects of drug abuse and addiction.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Association Albuquerque, New Mexico we feature luxurious accommodations to help enhance your experience, and help you focus on your priorities. We will provide you with a professional chef that prepares three meals daily so you have no need to worry about taking time to cook. We also offer 24 hour gym access so you may exercise whenever you feel you need to relieve stress. These are only a few of the many accommodations we offer, and we strongly encourage you to utilize them so you may remain comfortable throughout your transition.

Restoration from addiction requires time and patience. With motivation from our compassionate network of providers we can heal your body entirely including your mind, and soul. Making the decision to call for help can be the most difficult part of your experience, but Intervention Drug Rehab Association Albuquerque, New Mexico wants you to know that once you make that call you will have a lifetime of opportunities. Our experienced network of providers are prepared to assist you or your loved one into sobriety effectively and discreetly. Begin today, and you will finish with a network of support beyond comparison.


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