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Treating any disease is never easy. All diseases are complex and comprehensive in their own ways, and so are their treatments. Many have created misconceptions relating to addiction claiming that those who are affected are weak or morally flawed, but all are incorrect as addiction is in fact a disease. Those who suffer from an addiction are ill just like any other person who is diagnosed with a disease. Treatment requires care that targets not only the physical body, but mental as well. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Sante Fe, New Mexico will provide you or your loved one with a treatment plan that restores the mind, body, and soul. We can start your recovery now, and all you have to do is call. Don’t hesitate any longer!

Help should never be denied. If you are concerned about finding a method of transportation that will bring you to our facility, you no longer need to worry. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Sante Fe, New Mexico even offers transportation at no cost so you are able to receive help hassle free. Wherever you are, we will pick you up so you can receive the help you deserve.

Individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction need stable, sober surroundings in order to achieve a successful transition into sobriety. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Sante Fe, New Mexico we strongly encourage patients who have been detoxed to continue treatment at one of our sober living facilities. Staying at a sober living home will help you continue to progress and learn new methods of coping in order to prevent any possible relapses. During your stay positive coping mechanisms are taught and offered in our intensive outpatient care. Some of those mechanisms include one on one counseling which is strictly conducted under a promise of confidentiality, group therapy which helps create a supporting environment, meditation which instills relaxation practices, and much more. All of these practices can be utilized whenever you are experiencing temptation or emotional stress during your recovery. These practices will benefit you as they will return your self-control and awareness.

Once you have adjusted physically, and mentally into normal sober practices you can also receive services that will benefit you for future opportunities with employers. These services include resume building, simulated interviews, budgeting practice, and much more. In fact we also offer opportunities for you to become employed with us here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Sante Fe, New Mexico. Our network of providers ensures care that goes beyond the facility, as we want you to continuously succeed with your journey of sobriety.

Our top of line services and network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Sante Fe, New Mexico are incomparable. We want to provide each and every patient with comprehensive care that is maintained in a positive, luxurious environment. You no longer have to suffer because our method of approach with dual diagnosis is comprehensive, and different. We will target the physical and psychological aspects of drug abuse and addiction that you have experienced, and we will cut those ties. Let us help you, so you may get the addiction recovery treatment you deserve.


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