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About Our Location

There is a big, bright, beautiful world that is clouded from your sight when you are suffering from a drug addiction. Experience all the world has to offer. Treat your addiction and start a brand new life. Let Flushing Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s network of providers help you get the treatment you need.

When you sign up for treatment at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s Flushing location, you will provide information about your history with substance abuse and addiction to your physicians and psychiatrists. They will then use this information to develop a dual diagnosis addiction treatment program that is individualized to your disease. This unique program is the key to your addiction recovery success. By targeting your personal experiences with addiction, the treatments that you undergo will guarantee lifelong sobriety.

The detoxification of your body will be the first procedure in your addiction treatment program at the Flushing location of Intervention Drug Rehab. You will take stabilizing medications prescribed by your doctor as the toxins are expelled from your body. This method of treatment, called medically assisted detoxification, will give you physical sobriety and independence from substance abuse.

You will continue your transformation into a completely sober individual in Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Flushing’s living community. You will find comfort in the luxurious furnishings and safety in the sober environment. Your housemates will help you embrace the sober social norms and rules conducted in your house. These social modes of care will also give you the opportunity to get to know other addiction recovery patients conveniently in your own living environment. We will provide transportation from your sober living home to our drug rehab center, where all of your treatment programs will be, in order to give you easy access to all of the upscale amenities available.

Some of the luxuries available at Intervention Drug Rehab Flushing are the on-site fitness center, expansive natural landscape, and gourmet personal chefs. The fitness center has a multitude of exercise machines and a variety of different classes that you may want to partake in in order to improve and maintain your physical fitness. The grounds of the drug rehab center are also available for exercising. You may walk and hike around the trails, play sports on the grass, and practice yoga. The beauty of the natural surroundings may even inspire you to create original artwork using the skills you gain in art classes. Those are just some of the positive coping mechanisms offering in the program for relapse prevention.

Intervention Drug Rehab Center Flushing’s relapse prevention program will also offer professional preparation services and group therapy on stimulants and depressants. These services will help you to become a self-sufficient sober individual.

Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Flushing also provides therapeutic treatment for you to gain mental stability in your sobriety. Some of the methods include one-on-one counseling and group therapy.

Enjoy the beautiful world around you. Get professional addiction treatment at the Flushing location of Intervention Drug Rehab Association and begin a life of sobriety today.


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