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Sobriety can almost seem unattainable when you are suffering from addiction. However change is attainable, all you need is the correct approach, method of treatment, and support. You deserve the best possible experience, best care, and top of the line services. Let Intervention Drug Rehab Association Manhattan, New York provide you with all of these luxuries. The right path to recovery doesn’t have to be difficult, and we want you to utilize our services so you may attain sobriety. Our experienced network of providers are ready to help restore your mind, body, and soul.

One of the common problems individuals face during rehabilitation is dispassionate care. If you are concerned that you may not receive the help you need, you no longer need to worry. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Manhattan, New York features a rolling enrollment process, where patients are admitted based on a low client intake in order to provide maximum care and attention. We manage our capacity so strictly so our network of providers and broad selection of services are available to you whenever needed. Your duration of stay depends on the severity of your addiction. A case manager will speak with you, and ask a variety of questions regarding your addiction history. After discussion your case manager will choose between a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan for you. By following these procedures we are then able to continuously cater to your needs.

Some individuals worry that they cannot receive the help they need, because of transportation. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Manhattan, New York will not allow transportation to interrupt the care you deserve. Wherever you are we will provide you with transportation at no cost. As difficult as it is already receiving help for addiction and attending, it is also hard adjusting to a new environment. Being away from home can cause feelings of depression or sadness as treatment is administered off site, not in house. We provide treatment off site in order to ensure daily sober living which eases the transition into your life after recovery. To help contribute to your comfortability we offer a personal chef that will provide you with three freshly prepared meals, group therapy sessions which helps provide you with a support system, and much more.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Manhattan, New York believes in providing care that goes beyond your stay at the facility. We understand it can be difficult adjusting back into a normal daily routine consisting of responsibilities and employment. We offer professional preparation services to help patients prepare to be candidates for employment. You have the options of participating in simulated interviews, practicing your resume building, and can even be offered an opportunity of employment here with Intervention Drug Rehab Association Manhattan, New York.

Call our compassionate network of providers from Intervention Drug Rehab Association Manhattan, New York today. Feel free to to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your recovery process. Change is never easy, but it is possible. Calling today will initiate the beginning of possibilities for you!


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