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About Our Location

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Pelham will equip you with the correct method of approach, treatment, and support when it comes to your addiction. Our effectively time tested tools and services can be tailored to your needs. All you have to do is call us. From the moment you reach out to us, you will have nothing to worry about. Our team of experts will find an addiction treatment center that is fit for your specific history.

Intensive outpatient care is supplied to each and every one of our patients. You will receive this closely monitored care in one of our luxurious housing accommodations. During your residency, you will attend group activities with others in recovery. Our network of providers arranges these lively outings on the weekends. Some of these excursions include horseback riding, go-karting, beach trips, movie nights, kayaking, wakeboarding, hiking, and much more. You will learn how to work with others.

Addiction is a disease. This illness can cause distress, dysfunction, and pain to the body. This disease can also even relapse. We want to prepare you as best as possible with the most effective preventative techniques. Our network of providers will teach you how to utilize meditative practices, yoga, recreational activities, 12 step programs, art, and more. You can use each of these positive reinforcement in times of distress or temptation. Our relapse prevention program has helped countless individuals just like you. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Pelham is here to relieve you of any worries.

Professional preparation services are one of the extraordinary factors at our facility. Not many rehabilitation facilities will take the time to provide you with this type of assistance. At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Pelham, we truly care about your well-being. You will be given the chance to participate in practice interviews, resume preparation workshops, budgeting classes, and employment search assistance seminars.

At Intervention Drug Rehab, Pelham, we practice balanced rolling enrollment periods. We use this method of admissions to maintain a lowered capacity. We personally care for each of our patients on a case by case basis. We believe that customized care fosters lasting sobriety. When you contact us for assistance, you will be connected to an intake coordinator of ours who will take the time to develop a better understanding of your condition. You will be asked a handful of questions that pertain to the history of your addictive tendencies. Your responses will help us determine the severity of your disease. From there you will either be placed into a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. The length of each plan has been carefully designed to promote effective care in an efficient manner.

You aren’t alone! Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Pelham can fight this battle with you. Our network of providers is truly committed to helping you! Sobriety isn’t as far from you as you may think. With a simple phone call today, you can start your recovery. What are you waiting for? Your new beginning is moments away from you.


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