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Have you tried to battle your drug addiction without success? Do not lose hope. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Greensboro has a network of providers that will give you the professional help and treatment you need. You can and will achieve a life of sobriety and happiness.

Your treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Greensboro will be completely unique. When you enroll in treatment here, your physicians and psychiatrists will dissect your addiction symptoms to determine what type of treatments and procedures will give you the most efficient and successful addiction recovery. They will create a personalized dual diagnosis addiction treatment program based off of your history with addiction and substance abuse.

You will undergo medically assisted detoxification to eliminate your physical addiction symptoms. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Greensboro’s doctors and nurses will administer stabilizing and regulated medications during this procedure. With the aid of the medications, you will experience minimal discomfort and your detoxification will go by quickly.

Intervention Drug Rehab Center Greensboro’s addiction recovery program will help ease your mental transition from a lifestyle reliant on drug abuse to a lifestyle of complete sobriety. You will work one-on-one with your psychiatrist to get down to the root of your disease. You will learn how to use meditative techniques to achieve peace of mind in your everyday life. You will follow tried and true addiction recovery techniques in a 12-step program. You will connect with other addiction treatment patients in group counseling. Providing patients with sober social modes of care is of great importance at this drug rehab center. You will be offered many opportunities to form a sober support network when you are a patient here.

Another part of your treatment program at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Greensboro that implements social modes of care is housing. The luxurious and sober living communities are designed with your interpersonal growth in mind. You will adopt sober social norms as you live and grow with your housemates.

The relapse prevention program at Intervention Drug Rehab Greensboro provides many opportunities for socializing, as well as solitary activities that will give you quiet, alone time. The positive coping mechanisms offered in this program are a great example of the variety that this drug rehab center offers. You will get to go on group excursions to hiking and kayaking trips, to the movie theater and go kart tracks, and many other exciting places. The on-site fitness center offers both group exercise classes as well as solitary exercise machines. Quiet hours will give you the time to read, meditate, and study on your own.

Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Greensboro’s relapse prevention program also has professional preparation services and group education on stimulants and depressants. All of these activities will help you learn how to commit to full time requirements and grow into a self-sufficient individual.

Do not give up on your desire to live a happy and sober life. Contact the intake coordinators at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Greensboro to enroll in an individualized dual diagnosis addiction treatment program today.


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