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Are you suffering from a drug addiction? Have you struggled with cutting out drug abuse from your life? The network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, North Carolina is ready to help you fight your drug addiction and achieve a lasting recovery.

Your personalized dual diagnosis addiction treatment program is the key to your success. The team of physicians and psychiatrists at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, NC are dedicated to creating addiction treatment plans that get to the root of their patients’ diseases. As addiction is a disease that causes both physical and mental pain, your treatment program will target your bodily and psychological symptoms.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, NC uses innovative practices to provide their patients with the best possible care. Medically induced detoxification will put you at ease as your body transitions out of addiction and into sobriety. This procedure will be aided with stabilizing medications that are prescribed and regulated by your doctors and nurses.

The addiction recovery program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, NC gives you multiple options for treatment of your mind. One-on-one therapy sessions with your psychiatrist will help you open up and get to know your addiction from the inside out. 12-step programs structure your addiction recovery and give you a foresight into your sober future. Meditation will give you a quick and accessible way to center yourself and relieve stress. Group counseling offers the opportunity to share your addiction story and learn from others. This is also one of the many settings that you will get to develop friendships with addiction treatment patients and build your sober support network.

If you need assistance preparing for your life outside of Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, NC, the counselors in the relapse prevention program will offer you a variety of workshops and courses that will help you become self-sufficient. Classes on depressants and stimulants will educate you on how drugs work. Simulated job interviews will help you practice your interview skills. Your counselors will also help you establish a mode of transportation, whether it means getting a license, buying a car, or figuring out how to take public transportation.

The most fun part about treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, NC is the multitude of positive coping mechanisms available for you to enjoy. The on-site fitness center is available for workouts and exercise classes. The lush, natural surroundings of the addiction treatment and recovery center offer endless opportunities for fun. You may use nature as inspiration for artwork, utilize the peaceful atmosphere for yoga practice, hike or walk around the terrain, or play sports on the expansive grounds. You can read, meditate, and study during quiet hours in the recovery center or in your personal space in the sober living community. Group excursions are regularly scheduled to give you the chance to explore the area.

Fight your drug addiction and find lasting recovery at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact the intake coordinators to enroll in your own specialized dual diagnosis addiction treatment program today.


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