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Because addiction is a disease that affects both the body and mind, our network of providers firmly believes that both aspects must be treated in order to create a solid foundation for lasting sobriety. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Cincinnati, Ohio operates as a dual diagnosis treatment facility where our doctors and counselors work together to identify and address both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction to lay a solid foundation for lasting recovery. This comprehensive approach produces much higher success rates than simply putting patients through a detox process alone.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Cincinnati, Ohio admits new patients on a rolling enrollment basis in order to keep a low capacity and provide constant access to comprehensive care as well as our broad spectrum of services. Our case managers create customized and individual addiction treatment programs for each patient who comes to us for assistance with recovery. The length of our addiction recovery programs are either 30, 60, or 90 days and will be determined with your case manager at intake based on assessments, eligibility requirements, substance abuse history, and addiction severity.

Detox is important to undergo at the beginning of your treatment program because it prompts the brain to tell the body that it is no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol each day. Many of our patients are concerned that unpleasant withdrawals will make recovery impossible, but here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Cincinnati, Ohio, our physicians administer a medically induced detox in order to ease you into a restful period of detox. The regulated medication is non-addictive and stabilizing so that you’ll be safe and comfortable throughout the entire process.

After a successful detox process, you’ll take up residence in our luxurious and modern sober living facilities in order to learn sober social modes of care alongside other patients in recovery. Our network of providers teach relapse prevention techniques and positive coping mechanisms to provide clarity and self-control when you experience triggers or emotional distress. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Cincinnati, Ohio encourages figuring out which positive practice works for you during these difficult times. Case managers and counselors facilitate exercise, yoga, art, 12 step programs, group therapy and one-on-one counseling so that you can begin to use these practices to depend on yourself for strength.

Once you’ve become accustomed to living a daily sober life, our network of providers will offer professional preparation services such as resume review, employment search assistance, and simulated interviews in order to ease your transition from life at our facility into the workforce. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Cincinnati, Ohio is also committed to teaching life skills such as budgeting, establishing residency, maintenance of physical well-being, and creating sober networks of support so that you are equipped with the necessary tools to maintain sobriety back at home. Group activities like hiking, go-karting, kayaking, shopping trips, and movie nights foster increased self sufficiency as you prepare to return to life outside of our facility.

Please get in touch with a member of our providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Cincinnati, Ohio in order to start the discussion on what treatment options would be most effective for you or your loved one. We are here to assist you every step of the way along the road to lasting sobriety.


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