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About Our Location

Tulsa Intervention Drug Rehab, an addiction recovery center, can provide you the lifeline you need to regain your life. This center offers comprehensive treatment, a program that begins with monitored detox if that is a type of assistance you require.

Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Center

Intervention addiction treatment Tulsa is committed to providing you with a full range of treatment services. In addition to monitored detox, we offer individual therapy throughout your stay in our program. Individual therapy provides you with something of a foundation upon which other aspects of your overall treatment regimen is built. It is something of your therapeutic home base during your time in substance abuse treatment.

In addition to individual therapy, you will participate in peer group sessions. The reality of treatment is that you gain a great deal of perspective and support from your peers.

Intervention Drug Rehab Tulsa, OK, also offers its clients recovery groups, led by substance abuse recovery professionals. Through these types of groups, you learn strategies and vital life skills necessary to maintain sobriety and in recovery into the future.

Individualized Recovery Program

Your road to substance abuse or addiction differs from that of everyone else. Our own life experiences take us from one destination to another in life, including on a road down to addiction and a path back to recovery. For this reason, at Intervention Tulsa addiction recovery we develop an individualized, customized treatment and recovery for you.

We work closely with you to determine what you specifically need when it comes to a successful treatment and recovery program .We then make sure you have the resources necessary to achieve your treatment goals and objectives.

Relapse Prevention

Part of the overall programming here is a sharp focus on relapse prevention. It’s all well and good to gain sobriety while in treatment, but you must have a concrete action plan when you leave treatment.

You work with a relapse prevention specialist to develop specific strategies to address triggers in your life that drew you to mind-altering substances in the first instance. This focus is on people, places and things that trigger a negative, destructive response and drew you to a path that resulted in addiction or substance abuse.

As past of a relapse prevention plan, an aftercare program will be developed for you. This is likely to include ongoing therapy and other treatment modalities to support your efforts at sobriety and recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process and we make sure you are armed with the tools that will best assist you in long-term success.

Immediate Intervention

If you made decision to seek recovery assistance, it is available to you right now. You do not have to wait. In fact, you should not wait. You should act now and contact Intervention Drug Rehab Tulsa, OK. Our admissions team stands ready and able to assist you in finding the best course of addiction or substance abuse treatment to meet your own needs and requirements. You do not need to live your live under the ball and chain that is substance abuse or addiction any longer.


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