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Positive Emotions You Can Experience at Rehab
When you have enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program, you have already taken a positive step. While you may not feel the positive emotions yet because you are nervous about your time at Intervention Drug Rehab Oklahoma City, OK, thinking about the ways in which treatment can enhance your feelings in a good way can make you more eager to get started.

Self-worth and love
An addiction to substances can alter your mind in many ways. It can make you feel as though you are unworthy of love or of positive interactions with other people. Therapy and treatment can help you to realize that you are a good person who has a good heart. On top of that, you may discover that feelings of negative self-worth led you to drug or alcohol abuse in the first place, and you can begin to work on resolving those issues too. Addressing the whole being is a goal of Intervention addiction treatment Oklahoma City, OK, so you can gain greater confidence about yourself.

Talking is an important part of your recovery at Intervention Drug Rehab Oklahoma City, but so is engaging in activities. While you are undergoing substance abuse recovery, you may participate in outdoor activities, athletics, art and so forth. Whether you walk a certain number of miles, score a goal in a game or make a beautiful creative piece, you can feel a sense of pride in what you have accomplished. When you feel that pride, make a mental or physical note of it. You’ll want to feel that good again, and you can engage in positive emotions to do so.

One of the problems with substance abuse is that it often leads you to break bonds with loved ones. Even if you did not mean to cut people out of your life, your actions may have pushed them away. You may have the ability to restore some of these connections, but you do have the chance to form new friendships. Other people at Intervention Oklahoma City Drug Rehab are experiencing situations that are similar to yours, and you can bond over these shared experiences. Another positive component is that these friendships do not have to end when your time here does. You can continue to develop and nourish these positive relationships.

Your drug or alcohol addiction controlled you in a major way. Even if you feel as though you still continued on with your daily activities, the addiction likely diverted your attention in some manner. Also, the fact that you felt a constant need to use and abuse these substances is proof that you were under control. Once you are free from these addictions, you have more time and energy to exert into positive behaviors, such as the new activities and friendships that you found at Intervention Drug Rehab Oklahoma City, OK.

Real Happiness
When you were suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you probably thought that you found happiness in the substance abuse. However, that joy was not real; the joy was imagined because you were actually causing pain and harm to your body. Now, you have the opportunity to find out what really makes you happy. That answer is going to vary for each person, but with the possibility to explore different passions and interests, you can find some that are right for you. You can also experience authentic relationships as opposed to ones that are built from a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Your substance abuse recovery program at Intervention addiction treatment center Oklahoma City, OK has the ability to enhance and reshape your life. The positive emotions that you experience can provide you with the necessary energy to continue to succeed once you have completed the program.


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