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It is estimated that 114 people die from drugs every day, which is horrible news, especially if you are dealing with a drug problem. You should also be aware that 6,748 people are sent to the emergency each day because of a drug-related problem. You should know that our practice is filled with people who understand the kind of danger you are in, and Intervention Drug Rehab Portland want to help.

Why Do You Need Us?

A common misconception surrounding drugs and getting over them is that it is a “hurdle” that you can get over with just a little will power. Do not make the mistake of underestimating this addiction as something trivial or a habit that you can just kick to the side.

At the moment, 90 percent of people who sorely need rehabilitation services are not receiving it. You do not want to become one of these people, especially knowing how dangerous drugs can be.

What you need to understand is that your biggest enemy is a relapse, which happens more often than not. Our team here, Intervention substance abuse recovery Portland, OR, know that relapses are a real problem. This is the reason why we focus on more than just helping you get clean. Our program has been doctored through many years of experience, and we will find what may work for you.

What Does our Program Include?

Our drug rehab is different from others for many different reasons like some of the following:

A low client-intake facility to ensure professionals spend enough time with each client
Experienced psychiatrists and psychologists who have been dealing with the drug epidemic for some time
Specialized doctors, physicians, and nurses that intimately understand addiction

These are just some of the things that make our drug rehab center different, but the key to our personnel is we are sympathetic to your situation. Drug addiction is a debilitating ailment that robs you of your self-control, happiness, and overall sense of self.

Many people, including some professionals in other facilities, fail to see that you may no longer be a willing drug abuser but are now a victim. Most of our staff at Intervention substance abuse treatment are part of the Portland community, which does make us feel like family.

Our addiction treatment does include monitored detox, which is a little different from a regular withdrawal program. These programs are too aggressive on the drug user, which we think is shocking to the system. Our method is easier on your system and overall detox period.

The professionals at Intervention addiction treatment Portland, OR, get to know you. This step may not seem important to you, but getting to know the team that will work with you is crucial. It gives people like the psychiatrist and other professionals a chance to develop a specialized treatment program that is focused on your addiction. Our professionals know that drug rehab is a personal experience, and each person will need focused addiction treatment.

Of course, our drug rehab center will also offer you other services that might be very helpful, like peer support groups and specialized case managers.

One of the things we are most proud of, though, is our focus on dealing with issues that might force you into a relapse. We do not want to see you overcome the addiction just to see you fall back in it. We will discover different triggers that might make you relapse, and teach you to resist these triggers.

There is more that we want to do for you here, at Intervention Drug Rehab Portland, OR, just give us a chance to help you move on from this ailment and into your next stage of your life.


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