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If you or a loved one requires professional assistance to break the substance abuse cycle in your life, please contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Gresham today. All of our addiction recovery programs are completely customized for each patient on a case by case basis. Individualized treatment has proven to be much more highly effective than going with the cookie cutter approach. The length of each client’s treatment program can last 30, 60. or 90 days.This will be determined with a case manager at the start of treatment and will be based on assessments that provide us with a clear understanding of your history with substance abuse.

Intervention Drug Rehab, Gresham accepts new clients on a rolling enrollment basis in order to ensure comprehensive care and access to our broad spectrum of services. Keeping a low client intake allows us to provide a maximum quality of care to each of our patients. Every personalized addiction treatment program is designed from a dual diagnosis approach. We know that each client has had a different experience with addiction than the next. By treating both the psychological and physical symptoms of substance abuse, our drug rehab center is able to create a firm foundation for lasting recovery.

At the beginning of recovery, detox is a mandatory aspect of each addiction treatment program because it prompts the brain to tell the body that it no longer relies on daily substance abuse. Many clients are worried about recovery feeling impossible due to side effects of withdrawals. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Gresham our physicians prescribe a medically assisted detox to ensure your comfort and safety. The regulated medication is stabilizing and non-addictive in order to ensure your safety and comfort throughout detox.

Following a successful detox, you will take up residency in one of our luxurious housing accommodations. Living in opulent surroundings is sure to inspire health and restoration. We offer magnificent amenities such as transportation throughout the course of your treatment, private chefs at each meal, and 24 hour access to an onsite fitness center. Here, you will be able to learn positive coping mechanisms such as art, yoga, meditation, exercise, 12 step programs, and more. We are committed to helping you discover which of these positive practices work best for you as a replacement for substance abuse.

Once you are more comfortable living in recovery, you will be encouraged to utilize our professional preparation services. Our network of providers at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Gresham are happy to help you create a resume, search for a job, walk you through interview practice, facilitate budgeting classes, and even host classes on stimulants and depressants. We truly want to see you succeed both at home and in the work force. You will also have the opportunity to participate in off-site group activities that are designed to facilitate self-sufficiency and the creation of a sober support network between you and others in recovery.

Call Intervention Drug Rehab, Gresham and speak to an intake coordinator today. We are ready and waiting to facilitate your complete and total recovery.


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