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Struggling with addiction can seem almost impossible to escape, but Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon has found a method that can be utilized successfully so you no longer need to suffer. Don’t let prior unsuccessful attempts of healing bring you down, because our experienced network of providers are capable and ready to help you. We treat everyone with personalized care at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon as it has shown high success rates compared to communally treating everyone with the same method. If you or your loved one is dealing with addiction, call us today so we can start immediately from the moment you call. Sobriety is possible, let us provide you with the personalized care you deserve.

Addiction is a disease that affects both the brain and behavior of the individual. Treatment for addiction is comprehensive and requires more than just targeting the drug because of it’s effects to the body entirely. Our network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon approach treatment with you by using dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is comprehensive and different compared to other methods because it addresses both the physical, and mental aspects contributing to your addiction. From research we have been able to gather scientific evidence that has been vigorously tested and prove that dual diagnosis is effective. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon wants to provide you with the same opportunity many others similar to you have had.

As you begin enrollment at our facility you will be required to go through our balanced, rolling enrollment plan as this helps ensure maximum care and attention to each and every patient, including yourself. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon has a managed capacity to ensure our network of providers can provide you with top of the line care at all times.

Once you are enrolled a case manager from our facility will be assigned to you. Your case manager will then ask you a series of questions in order to gain a better familiarity with your addiction history and severity. The duration of your treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon can be either a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan, depending on what your case manager believes is necessary.

As we at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon believe in healing, we believe in healing that can continuously progress. We understand that transition can be difficult, but what is even more difficult is maintaining that transition. Our network of providers want you to have a life full of endless opportunities which is why we provide professional preparation services. These services include resume building, simulated interviews, budgeting practice, and much more.

Choosing to recover is never easy, and can the most difficult decision for some to make as it is not uncommon to feel hesitant about giving up your addiction. Let us help instill you with positive coping mechanisms that will regain your structure and self-control in life once more. To live normally once again is possible, it just has to start with a phone call today. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Portland, Oregon is here to ease your transition into a life after recovery.


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