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Coming to terms with an addiction takes a lot a strength. But, you or your loved one deserves to live free from drugs and alcohol. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Knoxville, Tennessee wants to help with the transition into sobriety. Our specialized network of providers are caring, intelligent people who understand the way addiction works within your body and mind. Let a professional guide you towards a life free from substance abuse today. Every individual we admit into Intervention Drug Rehab Knoxville is given comprehensive, personalized addiction recovery treatment that fits their specific addiction history and severity.
Our network of providers use a time-tested method of dual diagnosis for treating patients struggling with substance abuse. As the name suggests, our diagnosis treat both the physical and the psychological attachments and use patterns addicts develop of a long period of drug and alcohol dependency. By addressing your mind and body in treatment, we can help you make a comprehensive, uplifting transition in your life away from addiction both physically and mentally.
If you or someone you love is seeking professional addiction recovery treatment, the clear choice is Intervention Drug Rehab Association Knoxville, Tennessee. Our network of providers are able to get patients detoxed comfortably and safely, avoiding withdrawals and getting you clean safely. You can rest and relax as a compassionate, experienced physician medically administers the detox. Your physicians and nurses will implement stabilizing medications into the detox, allowing your comfort, safety, and progress to be thoroughly monitored throughout detoxification. You can get sober without the struggle and pain of withdrawals here with our help. Detox is a very necessary beginning step of addiction recovery because it allows your brain to signal your body that it doesn’t need drugs and alcohol to survive. This allows you to take up a mentality that allows you to program along successfully with the other recovering patients in the treatment center.
Individuals struggling with addiction often lack a structure and stability in their day to day lives. Taking up residency for a 30, 60, or 90 day period at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Knoxville, Tennessee will help you or your loved one learn and transition into what it takes to live sober. During your intensive outpatient treatment, you will be able to interact with other individuals seeking sobriety as well, allowing you to practice sober social norms and interactions every day. It will also facilitate a strong network of sober supporters for you. Positive coping mechanisms are encouraged by our network of providers for patients when they experience distress or temptation. These practices include meditation, group therapy, one on one counseling, and 12 step programs, to name a few, helping you to regain self-control and manage your thoughts and feelings. Learning to rely on these practices instead of drugs and alcohol lets patients transition from depending on the facility for strength in sobriety, to depending on themselves.
Don’t wait; get in touch with our network of providers now to begin the discussion on what addiction recovery programs would best help you reach sobriety. Addiction doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence.


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