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Addiction is a serious disease that takes a heavy toll on both the body and the mind throughout an extended period of substance abuse. Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Havertown is dedicated to treating your illness from a dual diagnosis approach. By identifying and addressing both the physical and psychological facets of your addiction, our network of providers can help you lay a firm foundation for lasting recovery.Our addiction treatment programs last 30 to 60 or 90 days based on addiction history and severity.

Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Havertown is passionate about creating individualized treatment programs for each of our clients. We know that everyone experiences struggles with addiction in different ways. Because of this, we also know that different treatment options are necessary in order to find the right fit for each client. Undergoing a medically induced detox is one part of the treatment process that is mandatory, though. Detox is important because it prompts the brain to let the body know that it is no longer dependent on daily substance abuse. Many clients are concerned about detox because they are worried about withdrawals. Our physicians prescribe regulated medication in order to put our clients at ease throughout the entire process.

Following detox, you’ll move into our luxurious housing accommodations. Our lavish and welcoming locations are the perfect place to focus on your own restoration and recovery. We are pleased to offer you amenities such as private chefs at three meals a day, transportation to, from, and throughout treatment, as well as access to on-site 24 hour fitness centers. Intervention Drug Rehab, Havertown truly wants to set you up for success. You will have the opportunity to learn positive coping mechanisms such as meditation, yoga, art, exercise, 12 step programs, and more. These positive practices are designed to replace substance abuse during high pressure situations.

Therapy will be an integral part of your treatment. We offer individual counseling, family sessions, and group therapy to help you explore the underlying issues that contribute to your addiction. After attending 12 step meetings, drug and alcohol education classes, and therapy sessions throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to join in on off-site weekend excursions with other individuals in recovery. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Havertown wants to help you create a sober support network of other individuals who have similar experiences with addiction. Some of the opportunities for bonding include kayaking, paddle boarding, go-karting, beach trips, shopping days, and movie nights.

Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Havertown also offers professional preparation services to help you succeed at home and in the work force. We encourage you to get help with creating a resume, searching for employment, and participating in mock interviews. We also offer classes on budgeting, maintenance of bodily well-being, establishing residency, and more. We know that it can be very difficult to reach out for help while you are struggling with addiction. If you give us a call today, we promise that we will be there for you throughout every step of your recovery.


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