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You can save yourself from the misery and destruction of drug addiction. With the right treatment and care, you will be able to live a joyous and sober life. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Hendersonville’s network of providers have the skills and expertise to help you.

The doctors and psychiatrists of the Hendersonville location of Intervention Drug Rehab are committed to creating the most effective addiction treatment programs for their patients. When you are a patient of this drug rehab center, your team of physicians will examine your addiction in order to ascertain the best treatment methods and procedures to help you achieve holistic health. Your bodily and psychological symptoms will both be acknowledged to create your dual diagnosis treatment program.

The addiction treatment programs at Intervention Drug Rehab’s Hendersonville location always begin with medically assisted detoxification. This process involves the use of stabilizing medications to provide you with ease as the toxins are eradicated from your body. These medications will be regulated and prescribed by your doctor to make sure you are as safe as possible.

Your safety is a main priority of the caretakers of the Hendersonville location of Intervention Addiction Treatment Center. This will not be compromised with your housing arrangements. Once your body is comfortable functioning without a dependence on drugs, you will begin your residence in the sober living community. In these accommodations, you will share a home with housemates to engage in sober social norms and social modes of care. These treatment methods will help you to attain social growth and a sober support network. You will also get to enjoy peace and quiet in your personal oasis in your home.

While you are getting used to your new, sober lifestyle, you will participate in Intervention Drug Rehab Center Hendersonville’s program for addiction recovery. The therapeutic techniques used in this program will help you stabilize your mind and become comfortable in your newfound sobriety. You get to will learn from your peers and share your experiences with drug addiction in group therapy meetings. You will follow a twelve step program. You will meet one-on-one with a psychiatrist to share your personal thoughts and feelings. You will also get to learn about meditation and the benefits of using meditative practices in your daily life.

Starting a new life is no easy task. That is why the counselors in Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Hendersonville’s program for relapse prevention will help you to become self-sufficient. They will teach you how to maintain your physical well-being through a nutritious diet and exercise. They will provide you with professional preparation services, such as resume help, financial budgeting classes, and searching for jobs and schools. They will offer you a multitude of fun and sober leisure activities to enjoy in your free time. These activities are referred to as positive coping mechanisms and include hiking, yoga, reading, art, and group excursions.

Get the professional help you need to save yourself from your addiction. Contact the intake coordinators of the Hendersonville location of Intervention Drug Rehab Association to register for a treatment program today.


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