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About Our Location

Let us take care of you. You no longer need to be stuck in the cycles of your harmful addiction. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Franklin sees hope in you! We will point you in the right direction. There are no strings attached. We are here to help you, because we simply care about your well-being.

Our group of providers admits patients on a low client intake. Our balanced, rolling enrollment plan helps us provide assistance to you. With a decreased amount of patients, you can have access to our broad spectrum of services and team of providers whenever you need them. Our addiction treatment center will never neglect you.

Your body will be completely cleansed with a medically induced detox. You have no need to feel hesitant about this procedure. Intervention Drug Rehab, Franklin will not let you face these steps of recovery by yourself. Your highly experienced physician and nurses will monitor your comfort, safety, and progress around-the-clock. We will ease your symptoms of withdrawal with a series of prescribed medications. These stabilizing medicines are non-addictive and will help manage your comfort.

You can discuss the history of your addiction with your knowledgeable psychiatrist. At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Franklin, we hold all of our therapeutic practices under strict confidentiality guidelines. You can confide with us about anything. We will have you engage in one on one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. Each of these therapeutic modes of care will address your addiction’s underlying issues. Our drug rehab center will fight your addiction from its source.

We will guide you at a comfortable pace throughout your recovery. Intervention Drug Rehab, Franklin isn’t her to rush your recovery. We are here to effectively and efficiently assist you. You shouldn’t have any worries distracting you from your improvement. Your personalized treatment plan includes a variety of beneficial services. These luxurious amenities include access to a fitness facility that is located on site, dependable means of transit to and from your addiction treatment center, and a personal chef who will provide you with three deliciously prepared meals. All you have to do is focus on yourself.

Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Franklin will prepare you for life after recovery. Your personalized treatment plan includes a variety of beneficial services. One particular service that is truly one of a kind is our relapse prevention program. This plan is built from a variety of positive coping mechanisms. Our team of licensed professionals will teach you meditative practices, yoga, recreational activities, art classes, and more. You can replace your addictive tendencies with these positive practices.

Whenever you lose hope, we will be there to show you that there is promise. If you ever stumble, we will be there to help you up. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Franklin is here to guide you through all the ups and downs of your recovery process. Don’t hesitate any longer! Call us, so we can start your healing process.


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