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Do you or a loved one need help with their addiction issues? Admitting that you or someone you love needs help can for many people be the hardest step to take. But it can also be the most rewarding when you or your loved one is finally on the road to recovery.

Once you decide to get help for you or your friend or family member, the next step is deciding which addiction center can be the place to stamp out substance and alcohol abuse. While there are many places to choose from, we will tell you why Intervention Knoxville drug rehabilitation center is a great place to start one’s journey to sobriety.

The First Step

Before you can enroll in Intervention Drug Rehab Knoxville, you or your loved one have to recognize that they are powerless over their issues and need help. While plenty of people come through our doors because their loved ones coerced them into getting help at our facilities, our help, great as it is, will be for naught if you or your dearest loved one is not ready to receive it. But if you feel that the time has truly come for you to get help for your drug abuse issues, then our rehab center is certainly the right place for you to do that.

How We Can Help You: Monitored Detox

Many people have tried to detox off of drugs and alcohol on their own. Detoxing without supervision is a highly dangerous endeavor. Therefore, we do not leave our clients in the weeds during this trying time. Our facilities have physicians and other licensed personnel on duty 24/7/365. Our professional staff will be there for you through each step of the detoxification process and can answer questions and address concerns that you or loved ones may have.

How We Can Help You: Mental Health Care

We consider the mental health care of our clients to be one of our highest priorities. When you check into our addiction treatment center, you will be assigned a psychotherapist who will provide therapy services a couple of times a week. In addition to psychotherapy services, every client of our center will be under the care of a case manager. This person will not only coordinate your care while you’re in our facility, but they will give you access to 12-step programs, therapy groups, psychotherapists, and other resources when you leave for home. Our therapists and case managers know that the recovery process doesn’t end once rehab is completed, so they will give their clients the tools and skills that they need to fight their addiction issues at home.

How We Can Help You: Groups

One of the specialties of Intervention addiction treatment center Knoxville, TN, is our therapy and recovery groups. Recovery is not a fight that can be waged alone, so the staff at our center places a great emphasis on providing our clients with peer support from therapy and recovery groups.

Therapy groups are gatherings of people with drug abuse problems that are led by a psychotherapist. In these group sessions, the participants, with the help of the group leader and peers, work out the issues that led them to addiction in the first place. Recovery groups are peer-led groups that tend to follow a 12-step format such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Please call or email our center if you think that our staff can help you beat your addiction issues once and for all. Even if you’re still in the decision phase, our trained staff can answer questions about insurance, length of stay, Intervention substance abuse treatment Knoxville, TN, and any other related issue.

All members of our staff work hard so that we can give our clients the gift of recovery. If you trust us, we promise to give you the tools necessary to start that lifelong journey of sobriety.


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