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If you have been trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction problem, you may have despaired and felt that this was impossible. But don’t give up hope. Achieving a life of sobriety is actually a possibility when you make use of Intervention drug rehab facility Austin, TX. Our team of caring, professional providers will make use of their cutting edge treatment services so that they can make your transition to sobriety as effortless and positive as possible. By choosing to obtain addiction recovery services from Intervention Austin facility, you will be able to reach your full potential quicker than you would if you tried to become sober on your own.

Our committed network of doctors and treatment providers work together using a process of dual diagnosis. Both doctors and psychiatrists will help you to heal from the both the physical and the mental damage drug addiction will do to your body. Our caring, dedicated team members will help you by creating a personalized treatment plan designed just for you, because we know that no two clients are alike.

At our Intervention Austin drug treatment facility, we don’t use withdrawals as a part of the treatment system. Our providers will provide a professional supervised detox to help them get the alcohol or drugs out of their system. You will be able to remain calm and relaxed while a qualified doctor performs the detox process and monitors your progress and comfort levels throughout the detoxification. Contrary to what many people believe, becoming sober does not have to be a grueling, painful process. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our supervised detox program. At our facility, we actually have three different lengths of programs, 30, 60 or 90, depending on how much care you need.

After the drugs or alcohol have been physically removed from your body, we will help you to learn how to cope with pressure and stress without reverting back to substance abuse in order to cope. We offer one on one therapy sessions with our professional team of health providers and will customize your sessions to match your personal substance abuse history and severity. We also help promote positive coping mechanisms to help you diffuse your stress in a healthy way. Meditation, yoga, kayaking and hiking are just a few of the mechanisms that our team of professionals lead and promote at our Intervention addiction treatment facility Austin, TX. The effective use of these techniques will go a long way in helping you to achieve your goal of successful, lifelong sobriety.

At Intervention Austin drug rehab facility, we utilize rolling enrollment. This is to ensure that our extensive range of treatment services and the professional assistance of our providers is always readily available to each client whenever they need it during their stay. The low client intake at our facility helps us make sure that we can pay personalized attention to you for the duration of your stay at our substance abuse treatment facility.

Our caring team of professionals, including physicians, counselors, psychiatrists and your very own case manager, stand ready to walk you through each step of the addiction recovery process and get you to the sober state that you desire. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss a personalized addiction recovery treatment plan. You aren’t alone as you try to overcome addiction; we at Intervention substance abuse treatment Austin, TX, are ready and eager to assist you with our comprehensive, renowned treatment options.


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