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Doctors don’t blame their patients for their asthma, arthritis or allergies. Likewise, you’re not to blame for your addiction.

Substance abuse is a diagnosed, progressive brain disease. Genetic factors beyond your control, such as a family history of mental illness or even your race, contributed to your disease before you were born. You weren’t responsible for traumatic events in your past that placed you at greater risk. You didn’t choose the depression or anxiety that almost always accompanies addiction.

What you can control is your response to the disease. Admitting that you have it is a great first step. Deciding to get sober for good is an admirable second. Beyond those two steps, continuing the journey will require professional help in a drug rehab center.

Our therapists and counselors here at Intervention Drug Rehab Houston are much more than trained professionals. They are substance abuse specialists who know what you’re going through. They know that every addiction is unique. They keep abreast of the latest research and study new approaches. They’ll have you and your special set of problems in mind when they tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Our state-of-the-art detox facilities provide a soothing place for your body to stabilize. A team of doctors will supervise withdrawal and administer drugs to alleviate suffering and discomfort. Your physical and psychological condition will be closely monitored. Rehydration, healthy foods and caring emotional support will prepare you to start your 30-, 60- or 90-day program. How long you stay with us depends on the type, severity and duration of your problem.

We take dual diagnosis very seriously; addiction treatment is rarely successful if other mental issues are not addressed. Your one-on-one therapy sessions will uncover the very roots of your substance abuse. Together with your individual therapist, you’ll tackle current sources of stress and emotional wounds in your past. Behavioral therapy will help you prepare for triggers to substance abuse. Triggers may be passing a favorite bar on your way home or running into a friend who uses drugs. Even a taste, smell or color can become a trigger. They change all the time, so therapy will teach you strategies for coping and avoiding relapse.

At Intervention Houston drug rehab, we believe in comprehensive care, so there is no one treatment model. Our professionals combine time-honored methods with new innovations. Programs are intentionally flexible so that you can request changes to your treatment according to what is most effective.

In addition, we’ll arrange family or couples counseling. We not only want to help you heal, but we want to play a role in restoring your broken relationships. Group meetings with your peers will allow you to benefit from the experiences of other addicts. You all share a common goal in the same process. Airing frustrations, spurring each other on and celebrating small victories over addiction strengthen everyone’s resolve.

Even when you leave us, we advise you to participate in long-term recovery. Staying in a network of support could mean the difference between sobriety and frequent relapse. The 12-step model serves as the basis for many recovery programs.

These are just a few of the activities that will enhance your rehab experience:

• Exercise or dance classes
• Outdoor sports and games
• Yoga
• Organized social outings
• Private time for reflection

Stop blaming yourself for your substance abuse. Start imagining a bright, fulfilling future. Just one phone call could change things forever. Contact Intervention Houston Drug Rehab Center


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