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Our addiction recovery centers are among the best
Should you be searching for a substance abuse treatment center that is staffed by experienced professionals, that promises a safe detoxification process, and that places you firmly on the road to recovery, you will want to choose Intervention Drug Rehab Austin, TX. Our state-of-the-art treatment will assure you an inspiring, comforting and encouraging experience as you move through our program.
When you leave our center at the end of your program, your chances of relapse will be significantly reduced. As you set foot into a new life, you will become a changed person with exciting interests and ready to tackle life’s challenges in the way many others who have gone through the program at Intervention addiction treatment center Austin, TX, have done without having to depend on drugs or alcohol to do so.
When you enter Intervention Drug Rehab, you will meet a team of specialist physicians, including psychiatrists, who will assess your situation. They will get to know your physical condition so that they understand what substance abuse has caused to your body. They will assess your mental condition, too. After they have gained a thorough understanding of your situation, they will initiate a program that is designed specially for you. We believe that each person is a unique individual, your treatment will be formulated along the lines that will help you best.
How the program works
Our program will take you through a two-stage process.
• The first part of the program is a detoxification process. At Intervention addiction recovery Austin, TX we reduce your dependence on drugs or alcohol in as humane and pain-free way as possible without withdrawal symptoms. The program will wean you off the substance that has caused you so much suffering. Our staff has established a long record of experience with a wide variety of clients to take you through detoxification that will help through your withdrawal, bringing relief to you and your loved ones.
Your progress will be monitored on a continuous basis to make sure that it is working exactly as it should for you. The process will be adapted if necessary along the way as you follow our 30, 60 or 90-day program.
• The second part of the program is to equip you to cope with a future free of drugs or alcohol. We do not simply remove your dependence on the substance that brought you to our program. We also provide you with the means to cope with life’s inevitable stresses and challenges once you leave us at the end of the program.
Helping you cope
One way we help you manage is through individual and group counseling sessions. In addition to having the services of an experienced staff member who will assist you one-on-one, you will join our group counseling sessions. In those sessions you will meet other recovering addicts who have undergone experiences similar to yours. They will tell you their stories and will listen to yours. Together you will encourage one another and discover tips and secrets of managing life in a world without dependence on drugs and alcohol.
In addition, we promote a healthy fun lifestyle that will take the place of those substances that dragged you down. Through outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking, as well as yoga and meditation, we show you the way to a better, more fulfilling and happier life. These approaches are a significant step in helping you succeed.
Our program is designed to have a limited number of clients at any one time, assuring you of individual treatment at all times.
Call us at Intervention Drug Rehab Austin, TX, today and take the first step on your path to a brighter future.


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