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Recovery and relief from substance abuse are achievable with the aid of the dedicated team of providers . Sobriety will allow you to start living to your full potential once again. At Intervention Houston Drug Rehab we are trained and equipped to provide you with a comfortable detox and with individualized treatment that addresses your specific needs and concerns.

Privacy in a small group setting with a low client intake is completed in 30, 60 or 90 days. Your goal for sobriety is our goal, and we will help you reach your fullest potential here at our top of the line substance abuse recovery center. A broad spectrum of treatment is the most successful way to achieve long-term sobriety and freedom from addiction.

Individualized Treatment

Intervention Drug Rehab Houston, TX, understands the full impact on life that is caused by addiction, and understands that a broad and complete spectrum of care is the best choice for long-term success. Visiting our drug rehab center in Houston will avail you to the combined treatments offered by our team of professionals. A compassionate team including counselors, psychiatrists and physicians will identify mental and psychological side effects caused by addiction. An individualized treatment plan will be created to assist you in your substance abuse recovery. Each treatment plan is designed uniquely for the client. Intervention Houston recognizes that each client experiences a unique journey on their road to substance abuse recovery.

Comfortable Detox

Gaining sobriety does not require a painful detoxification from drugs or alcohol. The Intervention Houston drug rehab center recognizes the emotional and physical trauma created by withdrawal, and it is not included in our treatment plans. Instead, a specialized doctor will monitor detoxification for any clients who require drugs or alcohol to be removed from their system. The comfortable administered detoxification process is closely monitored over 30, 60 or 90 days in the Houston drug rehab center.

One-on-one therapy for recovering addicts and training in stress and pressure management without reaching for the addictive substance is provided. This training is an important tool for clients after leaving Intervention substance abuse treatment center Houston, TX. The customized professional treatment is designed to accommodate each individual by taking into account their history of addiction and the severity of this addiction.

Group Counseling Intervention Drug Rehab

Peer groups and recovery groups are an expanded component in the recovery process. Positive coping mechanisms are taught in group counseling sessions. Clients relate to one another and learn to use healthy techniques that will carry them past the substance abuse recovery period and into their lifestyle choices.

You are not alone on your journey towards sobriety. Yoga, kayaking, meditation and hiking are a few of the positive activities that are used to promote healing and to prevent a future relapse. Intervention Drug Rehab in Houston, TX, understands the big picture and provides each client with the tools needed to live a life of sobriety and freedom from addiction. Daily tools for success are taught and practiced individually and as a group.

Every Step of Your Journey at Intervention

Every step in your journey towards freedom at Intervention Drug Rehab will be individualized and respected by our network of providers. A case manager will oversee your umbrella of care including psychiatrists, counselors and physicians. A 30, 60 or 90 day treatment will be determined based upon your needs. Privacy and comfort is provided in our low client intake facility. Contact Intervention Houston Drug Rehab Center today to receive immediate and comprehensive care. Your freedom is our goal, and we will assist you on each step of your substance abuse recovery journey.


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