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Do not let your drug addiction hold you down. Reach out for help and treat your addiction, so that you can rise into a life of sobriety. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, Texas’ incomparable network of providers has aided countless individuals in reaching happy, sober lives, by giving them professional care and specialized treatment.

The physicians and psychiatrists of Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, TX are dedicated to providing the very best care for all of their patients. That is why they will examine your personal history and experience with drug addiction at the start of your treatment plan. After gathering all of the information needed, your team will create an individualized dual diagnosis addiction treatment program that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of your disease. With all of the symptoms of your addiction targeted, you are guaranteed holistic health and absolute sobriety.

Medically assisted detoxification will relieve you of your physical addiction symptoms and the force that is holding you down. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, TX strives to maintain a comfortable experience at all times for their patients. This type of detoxification method aids in this mission by using regulated, stabilizing medications to put you at ease, as the toxins are removed from your body.

Once your body is freed from addiction, you will begin the addiction recovery program to free your mind. The expert psychiatrists and therapists at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, TX will provide you with 12-step programs, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and meditative practices.

As you start to rise out of your addiction, you will be able to relax in your luxurious accommodations in the sober living community at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, TX. Impeccable furnishings and lush, natural surroundings will revive you as you work to maintain your physical and mental well-being.

The relapse prevention program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, TX will give you the final push you need in order to soar into a happy and healthy life. Sober social modes of care are enforced in this program to give you the opportunity to connect with other addiction recovery patients and empathize with each other’s situations. By participating in group activities, you will bond and build a sober support network.

Some of the services that the counselors of Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, TX provide in the relapse prevention program are professional preparation, education on stimulants and depressants, and positive coping mechanisms. The wide variety of positive coping mechanisms offered are sure to pique your interest and inspire you to adopt new, sober hobbies. Some on-site activities include art classes, exercise classes at the fitness center, hiking around the natural surroundings, and quiet hours for reading and studying. Your counselors will schedule thrilling, off-site excursions to places like go-kart tracks, indoor rock climbing gyms, kayak rentals, and shopping complexes.

Rise out of your addiction and into a positive life of sobriety. Enroll in a personalized dual diagnosis addiction treatment program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Worth, Texas today.


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