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The cycle of addiction is like running on a treadmill suspended in the air where there’s seemingly no way to get off. Fortunately, there is always a way off if you are willing to admit you are suffering from the disease of addiction. There’s the rub. The healing process from addiction has to start with you. When you are ready and able to receive help, you will find that a quality addiction treatment center like Intervention Austin, TX, will be awaiting your call.

The reason addiction is so insidious in its nature is because it constantly tells your body and mind that you need the substance, that you want it and that you will die without it. In fact, the opposite is true. Given enough time, your addiction could take your very life. At Intervention Drug Rehab Austin, we have the medicine for what ales you. It’s call treatment.

Our facility has a strong reputation for successfully helping clients regain their footing in life, allowing them to go on to live happy and productive lives. This is accomplished by providing them access to a full service treatment program that addresses all aspects of their addiction.

If you will give us the opportunity to help you, this is what you can expect from our professional counselors and clinicians here at Intervention substance abuse treatment Austin, TX. After entering our facility, you will be evaluated to determine which residential treatment plan will best address your specific set of circumstances. In all likelihood, you will need to submit to our professionally monitored detox process. While under the care of licensed professionals, we will do everything in our power to keep you safe and comfortable while your mind and body are put through the withdrawal process. This will include providing you with the proper medications and nutritional substances to help your system.

Once we are confident that the harmful toxins have had the opportunity to work its way out of your system, we will place you under the care of our licensed counselors. Through the use of intensive individual therapy, you will have the chance to identify and work through the issues that are creating your need to abuse substances. We will also involve you in a series of group therapy sessions in order to teach you the value of one sick individual helping another. All of these therapies sessions will be used to provide you with the life skills and support mechanisms you will need to fight your addiction illness on the outside.

When you attend addiction treatment at Intervention Austin, we will also be assessing the possibility that some mental or emotional disorder might be facilitating your addiction. If that be the case, we can provide dual diagnosis therapy to address those issues as well. We also want to address your overall physical and mental well-being through as wellness program that focuses on nutrition and physical exercise as a mean to help keep your mind and body in sync with your spirit. Some of our recreation programs will teach you the value of using hobbies and physical activities to keep you active and away from drugs and alcohol.

By the time you are prepared to leave our facility here in Intervention Austin drug rehab center, you will be firmly on the road to recovery. We are committed to giving you the chance to live the life you were intended to live without the need to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. It’s the same level of commitment you will need if you are truly ready to break your cycle of addiction.


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