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Is someone you love experiencing detrimental changes in their life? Do you or someone you love struggle to maintain sleep patterns and wellness habits? Is slurred speech and increasingly impaired coordination becoming an issue? These are all symptoms of prolonged substance abuse, so if you or someone you love experiences these, be sure they are not related to drug and alcohol dependency. If they are, professional help is necessary and recommended for ending substance abuse. Get in touch with a member of Intervention Drug Rehab Dallas, Texas’s compassionate network of providers to begin the discussion on addiction recovery treatment today.
Intervention Drug Rehab Dallas is not your average detox center. We supply our patients with luxuriously comfortable accommodations, hoping to absorb all the stress you feel during your addiction recovery process so that you can focus wholly on your treatment. Our facilities are modern and have 24 hour fitness centers and private chefs to prepare your meals, so you don’t have to worry about finding tools to manage your wellbeing. While in your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program, your physical and mental health will be treated for addiction through our dual diagnosis approach. Substance abuse over a prolonged period of time changes your body composition and mental thought patterns, so our providers will work to heal both your physical and psychological addiction.
Treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Dallas, Texas begins with a comfortable medically induced detox. Our physicians and nurses will closely monitor your progress, comfort, and safety, using stabilizing medications to keep you away from withdrawals. You can rest and relax as your body removes the illicit substances, all while under the care of our specialized, compassionate providers.
Following detox, patients need to begin living in an environment that supports relapse prevention and inhibits relapse. Our accommodating facilities offer sober social norms and interactions among our patients and providers, teaching you to live free from drugs and alcohol day after day. You will learn to live normally again, supported by our activities and positive coping mechanisms offered in the facility. Intervention Drug Rehab Dallas encourages patients to rely on positive coping practices like meditation, 12 step programs, group therapy, one on one counseling, and exercise, because they will help you restore peace of mind and self-control if you experience temptation to relapse. Learning to depend on these practices instead of drugs and alcohol allows you or your loved one to transition from relying on the facility for strength in sobriety, to relying on themselves.
Overcoming substance abuse is an emotional, complex time, and Intervention Drug Rehab Dallas, Texas wants to make it as easy as possible for you. Through our dual diagnosis process, you or your loved one will gain the benefits of a comprehensive recovery, assisting your body and mind into sobriety together. Let our compassionate network of counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, case managers, and nurses lead you step by step into a life free from substance abuse and dependency. Call now to begin the discussion on what treatment options are best for you or your loved one.


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