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NAME LOCATION Drug Rehab Center Make It Easy To Become Sober

The recovery process from addiction and moving on with a sober lifestyle is completely possible with the assistance offered by our Intervention Austin, TX, drug rehab facility. Our facility makes use of premium treatment services to assist you in making the transition to sobriety as smooth and as positive as possible. Untold numbers of clients have been able to break free from addiction at our Intervention Austin, TX, substance abuse treatment facility and we are ready to help you too to make this important change in your life. By enlisting the assistance we offer, you will be doing all you can to live to your fullest potential.

We offer specialized treatment options

Our team of providers conducts all treatment through a dual diagnosis plan. Our caring team of psychiatrists, doctors and physicians will work to treat both the psychological and mental damage your addiction problem has caused. We pride ourselves on offering you a unique treatment plan, because we know that every client is different.

We make detoxification easy

At our drug rehab center, we don’t make our clients go through withdrawal as part of the treatment process. Our experienced staff will supervise the detox, which will have the least negative effect on you. You will be able to feel calm and relaxed while the staff monitors your progress and comfort levels throughout the detox process. Reaching sobriety doesn’t have to be as hard as some people make it sound. We offer our personalized detox in a 30, 60 or 90 day program. The program that is right for you will depend on how severe your intoxication problem is.

We help you stay sober

After the detox, it is essential that you have a way to operate under pressure or stress without having to turn to alcohol or drugs to make it through. Our counselors will help you with one to one therapeutic sessions that are tailored to your unique addiction problems. In order to promote healing, restoration and wellness, we teach positive coping mechanisms. Our network of providers leads many sessions to help you learn positive coping. Several of these include hiking, meditation, yoga and kayaking. Employing techniques such as these will help you immensely on your path to happy, life long sobriety.

We are here for you

At our Intervention Drug Rehab facility in Austin, we enforce rolling enrollment so that you can always have the best care and services that we specialize in at your command. We will always be here for you, whenever you need us during your stay. Our low client intake ensures that we will be able to give you the most attention and care we can during your addiction recovery treatment program. The caring, professional team that will be assigned to assist you will include physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and a case manager. They are all waiting to help you through every step of the sobriety process. We don’t want you to have to go through the drug or alcohol recovery process on your own. Don’t hesitate to contact us today so that we can go over an alcohol or drug addiction recovery program tailored to your personal needs. We at Intervention Drug Rehab Austin, TX, stand ready to assist you.


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