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Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Sugar Land is here to provide professional guidance to those who are struggling with addiction. Our team of professionals is highly skilled. We will find any underlying issues that have contributed to your addictive habits. If you or someone you know is battling this disease, contact us now.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Sugar Land, we will develop a recovery plan that is tailored to specifically care for your needs. Each and every one of our patients will be cared for with the attention they deserve. When you reach out to us for assistance, you will discuss the history of your addictive tendencies with an intake coordinator of ours. Once we have developed an improved understanding of your condition, your intake coordinator will choose between a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan for you. The duration of your recovery will depend upon the severity of your condition.

Many are hesitant about recovering because of detox. At Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Sugar Land, you have no need to feel afraid. You will constantly be cared for by professionals who are truly compassionate. We will remove all addictive substances from your body with a medically assisted detox. During this medical procedure, you will be given regulated medications. We use these stabilizing medicines to ease your symptoms of withdrawal. Our addiction treatment center combines treatment medications with behavioral therapy practices, so that we can properly care for your needs.

You will be accommodated with upscale living facilities. Patients need a stable, structured environment to heal in. It is important that relapse prevention techniques are implemented into daily living practices. During your recovery, our network of providers will teach you how to use an assortment of positive coping mechanisms. Some of these preventative techniques include 12 step programs, meditative practices, recreational activities, yoga, art classes, and much more. Whenever you are feeling emotionally distressed or tempted, you can utilize these preventative measures. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Sugar Land will prepare you for life after recovery. On the weekends, you will be given the chance to engage in a variety of fun filled group outings. Some of these exciting activities include movie nights, bowling, go-karting, beach trips, kayaking, horseback riding,hiking excursions, and much more. These outings will help you improve your social skills with others.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Sugar Land you will receive the highest condition of care. You will have no need to worry about anything, but your improvement. Let us provide you with a recovery plan that is comfortable and tranquil. Your personalized treatment plan includes a variety of luxurious conveniences.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Sugar Land will care for you with the correct method of approach, treatment, and support. We are here to accurately address each of your needs. You deserve to live your life free of any restraints. Let us provide you with the keys to sobriety. You can escape from this addiction. Pick up the phone and contact us today.


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