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Intervention addiction treatment in San Antonio, TX, can greatly assist you in achieving a life of sobriety and freedom from addiction. This is a dual diagnosis center with years of experience and a team of networked providers that work together to bring positive and uplifting change to people’s lives. The journey toward sobriety is sometimes riddled with defeat, but joining our tight team of competent doctors, psychiatrists and counselors who care about their clients makes the journey towards sobriety a success. Relief from addiction is taken one day at a time and in a safe and helpful haven.

Many have found relief and have successfully maintained the recovery that they received at (home). Our network of providers understands and is knowledgeable in identifying and addressing the mental, psychological and physical effects caused by addiction. You are not in this alone. The relief you need is available in Intervention Drug Rehab San Antonio. Compassionate and caring providers are ready and waiting to meet with you and to assist you in accomplishing your fullest potential.

We understand that addiction expresses itself differently in each individual, and we cater towards the needs of each client with a unique recovery plan that is designed just for them. A 30, 60 or 90 day treatment plan is created to meet the needs of each client. Here at Intervention substance abuse treatment center San Antonio, TX, we believe that the symptoms created by withdrawal are unnecessary and should be avoided. Our on-staff, specialized professionals oversees detoxification. This provides our clients with a comfortable and progressive detoxification without the pain and discomfort created by withdrawal. This is a great solution for many who would otherwise experience withdraw pain. This detox is helpful and safe and is overseen daily by the physician.

Achieving sobriety doesn’t have to be painful, and in the treatment center we provide a comfortable journey that is surrounded by caring and compassionate professionals. Intervention Drug Rehab San Antonio emphasizes the importance of achieving sobriety and maintaining a lifestyle of sobriety. It is important for you to gain healthy coping mechanisms that will carry you through uncomfortable and stressful moments in life. Achieving healthy coping mechanisms is just one component in the addiction recovery process. The healthy coping mechanisms must be carried through daily thought processes and behaviors.

This is achieved through one-on-one therapy and in interactive group settings. A customized treatment plan will be designed just for you. Your personal experiences with addiction and its impact on your emotional, physical and psychological well-being will be systematically addressed in our caring environment. A caseworker will be assigned to oversee your recovery and to ensure that a consistent communication flows between your doctor, psychiatrist and counselors. A small group setting allows for comprehensive care for each client.

We use hiking, meditation, kayaking and yoga to teach positive coping skills that can be continued at home to continue a successful lifetime of sobriety. The beauty found in nature has many healing benefits that are incorporated into the care at Intervention San Antonio Drug Rehab. The coping techniques achieved here will provide you with the strength to take each step of this journey and to return to your family whole and complete with a new focus on living. Sobriety offers new found hope and a new outlook on life.

Call today to take advantage of the caring and compassionate comprehensive care offered at Intervention substance abuse recovery San Antonio. You don’t have to take this journey alone. We will join you and assist you in succeeding. Our team is here to help you. We care about your recovery from addiction.


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