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The first step you need to take is acceptance. Once you have come to terms with yourself and your addiction, you can move forward into recovery. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Cedar Park will take care of everything for you. We will find a substance abuse center that is designed to treat your needs. Whether you are facing struggles with an addiction to cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or any other addictive substance, our team of experts will find a drug rehab center that can help you. You can finally receive the professional guidance you deserve. You can obtain sobriety!

We admit each and every patient of ours on a balanced, rolling enrollment plan. This method of admissions truly shows positive results. Having a lowered client intake will ensure your care from our network of providers and wide range of services. At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Cedar Park, you will be given maximum quality of care from our compassionate providers.

This destructive condition takes a toll on the mental and physical aspects of the affected individual. At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Cedar Park, we treat our patients with dual diagnosis procedures. This method of care will address every aspect of your addiction. We will begin by treating your physiological side-effects. It is important that we cleanse your body first, so that your brain can adjust to functioning without any addictive substances. We will remove all of the stimulants and depressants from your body with a medically induced detox. This procedure is conducted in a safe and secure environment. During this process, your physician will prescribe you stabilizing medications. These medicines are non-addictive and will help ease your symptoms of withdrawal. You will be closely monitored by your doctor and nurses around-the-clock. Once we have completed your detox, you will enter our counseling phase of recovery. These therapeutic practices need to be administered, so that your addiction can fought at its source. You will engage in one on one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. From these social modes of care, you will learn how to address your personal problems, learn from other’s perspectives, and develop a better understanding of yourself.

You will take residence in one of our upscale living facilities. It is important that you adjust back into daily living practices that are normally conducted within a household, so that you can restore your personal awareness and self-control. Group activities will be arranged by our network of providers. On the weekends, you will be given the chance to engage in beach trips, hiking excursions, movie nights, kayaking, horseback riding, and much more.

You are given a second chance every day. Take the opportunity that was given to you today. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Cedar Park will guide you at a comfortable pace. During this journey, we will take each and every step with you. You do not have to fight this disease alone. Pick up the phone and reach out to us for assistance. What are you waiting for? Our network of licensed professionals is here to welcome you with open and loving arms.


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