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Has someone you love abruptly changed their social activities and begun to experience irritability and anxiety? Do you struggle to get through the day without using alcohol or drugs? Are you experiencing changes in your sleeping patterns? These are all signifiers that you or someone you love is being held back from maximizing your potential. At Intervention Drug Rehab Association Austin, Texas our network of providers is focused on returning patients to their full potential through comprehensive care and addiction recovery treatment.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Austin, Texas operates differently than some other detox centers because our staff of physicians, counselors, case managers, and psychiatrists work together to operate as a dual diagnosis treatment facility. Our network of providers believe that it is imperative to identify and address the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction in order to lay the foundation for a lasting life of sobriety beyond treatment in our luxurious and state of the art facility. Because addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and body, we are committed to treating both parts through a comprehensive treatment of detox and rehab.

All of our patients receive a customized and individual addiction treatment plan as designed with our case managers during intake. Each 30, 60, or 90 day addiction recovery program is based on substance abuse history, severity of addiction, assessments, and eligibility requirements. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Austin, Texas accepts new patients on a rolling enrollment basis in order to keep intake low and maintain constant access to comprehensive care and our broad spectrum of services.

At the beginning of treatment, patients are able to avoid unpleasant withdrawals by undergoing a medically induced detox. Our physicians administer a regulated medication to ease you into a restful detox period at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Austin, Texas. The medication is stabilizing and non-addictive in order to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process. Once your physical dependency on substance abuse or alcohol has been treated through detox, the mental ties to your addiction are addressed with our counselors and psychiatrists in our modern and welcoming sober living accommodations.

While receiving treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Austin, Texas, our patients are encouraged to practice positive coping mechanisms including yoga, meditation, art, 12 step program, group therapy or one on one counseling, and should replace substance abuse during times of stress and pressure. These positive practices are a crucial pillar that supports the process of maintaining long term sobriety once you in-house addiction recovery program has ended. Once you are accustomed to daily sober living, our network of providers offers professional preparation services such as resume reviews, simulated interviews, and employment search assistance.

Our cutting edge Intervention Drug Rehab Association facility in Austin, Texas is staffed with a network of providers committed to offering a restoring, healing environment in which to receive addiction recovery treatment. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your personal addiction recovery program. Don’t waste any more time trying to escape the substance abuse cycle on your own. Get the treatment you or your loved one needs today to start building toward a brighter tomorrow.


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