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About Our Location

Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Ogden knows that breaking free from a drug or alcohol addiction can be an excruciating struggle, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. Freedom from addiction is possible if you reach out and give us a call today. We will walk alongside you throughout every step of your addiction recovery program until we see that you are sober and set up for success. Freedom comes from the call. Achieving and maintaining sobriety is possible for you. Just place your faith in our unparalleled staff at our drug rehab facility. You will have all the support and services that you need.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Center Ogden, we maintain a low capacity of clients in order to be able to provide the maximum amount of care and services to our in-house patients. We accept new clients on a rolling enrollment basis. All of our clients receive a customized dual diagnosis treatment plan that responds to their specific needs, addiction history, and severity of substance abuse. Our dual diagnosis programs identify and treat both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction in order to create a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Upon enrolling, your case manager will guide you through several assessments to determine whether a treatment plan of 30, 60, or 90 days is right for you.

The first step in each client’s treatment plan is detoxification. Many potential clients are concerned that detox will produce unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Due to this, our physicians prescribe regulated and stabilizing medication to prevent stress and facilitate relaxation throughout this time. While undergoing detox with Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Ogden, you will not have to worry about discomfort or pain. We are committed to making this step of recovery just as peaceful as what comes after.

Following a successful detox, you will take up residency in one of our luxurious sober living facilities where you will learn relapse prevention practices, positive coping techniques, and sober social norms. Being able to integrate these positive practices into your daily life will help keep you sober and successful, even after your treatment at our drug rehab center. You will have the opportunity to practice art, hiking, exercise, yoga, meditation, and many other hobbies that are great replacements for substance abuse when you are feeling stressed or tempted. We do not force anyone to do anything that does not work for them, and our counselors are here to help you discover what methods and practices will work best in your life.

Intervention Drug Rehab Center Ogden offers group therapy, individual counseling, and family services. We also offer drug and alcohol education classes, budgeting classes, and how to establish residency. After you are comfortable living in a sober environment, you’ll be able to participate in our professional preparation services where you can get help with creating a resume, take part in simulated interviews, and receive help with your job search. Give our intake coordinators a call today and learn which of our addiction treatment options could be right for you or someone you love.


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