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Your life doesn’t have to be held back by addiction. Let Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Park City break the course of this disease. Our team of professionals can guide you back onto the right path. You will find sobriety with the correct method of approach, treatment, and support from our network of providers. We are here to assist you because we see the potential you have in life.

We want to provide the proper time and attention to each and every one of our patients. All of our providers run their facilities with rolling enrollment periods. This method of admission helps us maintain a decreased intake of patients. It is important to keep our capacity low, so that you can have access to our broad spectrum of services and team of professionals whenever you need them.

Dual diagnosis procedures are used to address your physical and mental side effects of addiction. Our experienced team of professionals will identify any underlying issues that have contributed to your addictive impulses. Many individuals have found stability and sobriety with this method of treatment. We are giving you the opportunity to receive the same assistance. Intervention Drug Rehab, Park City is here to properly treat your addiction.

We will carefully remove any addictive substances from your body with a medically induced detox. It is important that we initially detox your body so that your brain can tell your body that it is no longer physically dependent on any stimulants or depressants. During this process, your physician will manage your comfort with stabilizing medications. You have no need to be afraid of detox. Whenever you need help, we will always be there to assist you. Our medical staff will constantly monitor you comfort, safety, and progress. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Park City will help you transition smoothly and effectively.

Our sober living homes are a necessary aspect of recovery. It is important that you remain in a sober environment during the remainder of your treatment. This will help you avoid any possible triggers. You will be living amongst other recovering individuals. This group setting will help you regain your social modes of care that are normally conducted within a household. These sober environments offer more than just a bed to sleep in. You will be equipped with a variety of helpful services. Some of these top of the line amenities include 24 hour entry to a fitness center that is located on site, transportation to and from your substance abuse center, and a private chef who will provide you with three freshly prepared meals at your convenience. We want you to feel comfortable at our drug rehab center. We will do our best to reduce any stresses you may have.

Your life doesn’t have to be held back any longer. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Park City will work with you, so you can successfully conquer your addiction. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions or concerns regarding our program. We care about you, because you matter.


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