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About Our Location

There is always an opportunity for change. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Lehi can help you develop a new way of living. Your life doesn’t have to be held back by addiction. Our network of providers can help you break away from the chains that are restricting you.

Many are fearful of recovery because of detox. Intervention Drug Rehab, Lehi will provide you with a medically induced detox that is safely monitored. This procedure will be managed by your physician and nurses around-the-clock.

Professional preparation services are included in your personalized treatment plan. We want to keep you busy, so that you can explore, learn, and recover with a variety of activities. We strongly encourage that you take advantage of this opportunity. Many rehabilitation facilities leave their patients unprepared. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Lehi will prepare you for life after recovery. You can engage in employment search assistance seminars, resume preparation workshops, budgeting practices, and simulated interviews. Each of these practices are the pillars that will build your future success. Your livelihood matters.

Addiction can cause distress to the mind, body, and soul of the affected individual. What many do not realize, is that this destructive condition can also relapse just like any other common disease. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Lehi has designed a relapse prevention program that is truly one of a kind. Our network of providers will teach you a variety of positive coping mechanisms. Some of these positive reinforcements consist of 12 step programs, recreational activities, art therapy, meditative practices, and much more. Whenever you are feeling emotionally troubled or distressed, you can utilize these practices.

It is important to build a structured life. We will help you develop social modes of care that are normally conducted within a household. You will be living among other recovering individuals in a luxurious sober living home of ours. These sober environments are designed to ease your transitioning process. You will be equipped with a variety of helpful services. Whenever you feel the need to relieve some stress, you can go to our fitness center that is located on site. The best part of this recreational facility is that you will have 24 hour access, 7 day a week. You will have no need to worry about transportation. Our network of providers will equip you with reliable means of transit to and from your addiction treatment center. We even will assign you a personal chef. Your private chef is responsible for providing you with three freshly prepared meals on a day to day basis.

Your opportunity of a lifetime is only a simple phone call away from you. We understand that you may be afraid to give up your addiction, but our team of professionals will equip you with the tools that are necessary for a successful recovery. All we ask is that you contact us. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Lehi can provide you with the keys to success. We have faith in you.


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