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About Our Location

Let Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Draper take the pains of addiction out of your life. Our time tested tools and services have been proven to show successful results. We want to add you to our group of successful individuals. We will provide you with the best, because you deserve the best.

When you reach out to us for assistance, you will be required to enroll through our balanced rolling enrollment plan. This method of admissions helps us maintain a lowered capacity. Having a low client intake will ensure maximum care from our network of professionals and extensive selection of services. At Intervention Drug Rehab, Draper, we will make sure that you are given the proper attention you need.

One of the most important aspects of recovery is often the most dreaded facet for patients. In order for us to properly cleanse your body, you need to be detoxed. An experienced physician will proctor your medically administered detox. You have no need to fear this procedure. Your comfort, safety, and progress will be closely monitored. You will be prescribed stabilizing medications. We use these regulated prescriptions to ease your symptoms of withdrawal. Intervention Drug Rehab, Draper will provide you with a tranquil recovery process.

We have created an intensive outpatient program that is truly remarkable. Each and every professional will be helping you regain stability in your life. Our trained psychiatrist will assess your mental thinking patterns, so that we can find any underlying issues that have contributed to your addictive tendencies. One on one therapy will help you build a better understanding of yourself and your triggers, group therapy will help you learn from others and build a network of support, and family therapy will help your household adjust to your upcoming changes.

Our compassionate counselors will host a variety of fun filled activities for you to participate in each weekend. Some of these exhilarating group activities include movie nights, hiking excursions, beach trips, yoga, kayaking, wakeboarding, go-karting, horseback riding, and much more. Each of these excursions will help rebuild your social practices and interpersonal relationships.

You will even be given the chance to engage in an assortment of professional preparation services. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Draper will help you rebuild your livelihood. Employment is one of the many realities you will be facing after recovery. Many lose their jobs or have never obtained a position of employment because of their addiction. You will be offered the chance to participate in simulated interviews, resume preparation workshops, budgeting classes, and employment search assistance seminars. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this rare opportunity.

If you are suffering from addiction, you are not morally flawed or weak. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Draper knows that you are stronger than you think. We can help you come to see the potential you have. Take this opportunity to change the rest of your life. Our network of providers has faith in you.


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