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Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Puyallup is committed to helping those who desire to recover from their struggle with addiction. The most important part of recovery is admitting that you need and want help. Successful and lasting sobriety is only achievable when the individual desires to make a change. Our network of providers is passionate about placing each of our clients in a luxurious drug rehab center that treats each patient from a dual diagnosis approach. Because addiction is disease that affects the mind and body, we are serious about treating both the mental and physical side effects of your addiction, in order to build a solid foundation for your recovery.

Each of our addiction treatment programs are customized individually for each of our clients. We know that each of our patients has had a different experience with addiction, and as such, they require a vast array of treatment options. Our network of providers always start each patient’s treatment at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Puyallup with a medically induced detox where your physician will prescribe a non-addictive and regulated medication to prevent any withdrawals. Detox at the start of treatment is a very important aspect of recovery, because it enables the brain to let the body know that it is no longer reliant on daily substance abuse.

Following your detox, we will place you in our luxury housing accommodations, where you can recover in a welcoming and lavish environment. Intervention Drug Rehab, Puyallup will teach you positive coping mechanisms and sober social modes of care in order to empower you to live sober even after your addiction treatment program has ended. Exercise, hiking, yoga, meditation, art, 12 step programs, individual counseling, and group therapy are only some of the options that our network of providers will help you explore. These positive practices are meant to replace drug or alcohol use when you are tempted to give in.

On the weekends, you will have the chance to participate in group activities with others who are living in recovery. Intervention Addiction Treatment Puyallup’s network of providers offers many options such as movie nights, shopping trips, kayaking, go-karting, paddle boarding, and beach days. We are committed to helping you develop self-reliance and a sober network of support. Our drug rehab center also offer professional preparation services to get you ready for home life and the workforce after treatment ends. You can take advantage of classes on drug and alcohol education, establishing residency, budgeting techniques, and more. You can also get help making a resume, participate in mock interviews, and even receive assistance with your job search.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Puyallup truly wants to see you sober and successful. Our addiction recovery programs can last 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on severity of addiction. This will be determined with your case manager at the start of treatment. Call one of our compassionate intake coordinators today to discuss which treatment options might be right for you or someone you love.


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