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Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Redmond wants you to know that you do not have to travel the road to recovery alone. If you or someone you love is fighting to end the cycle of substance abuse in your life, call our compassionate and experienced intake coordinators today. We are committed to walking beside you down the path to full sobriety. Each of our addiction treatment programs are fully customized and tailored to each of our client’s needs. The length of treatment can last 30, 60, or 90 days and will be determined with a case manager at the beginning of treatment. Intake assessments will factor into this decision and will provide us with more information regarding your severity of substance abuse and addiction history.

Here at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Redmond, we design all of our addiction recovery programs from a dual diagnosis approach. Because addiction gravely affects both the body and the mind, we are committed to treating both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction in order to lay the groundwork for a successful recovery. The first step of your addiction treatment program will be to undergo a medically assisted detox. We know that the idea of detoxification can be scary due to horror stories about withdrawals. Our physicians are dedicated to making the detox process as painless as possible thanks to the regulated and stabilizing medication that they provide for each of our clients.

Following a successful detox, you will take up residence in one of our luxurious housing facilities. The lavish surroundings are sure to inspire recovery and restoration. We are proud to offer amenities such as 24 hour access to an on-site fitness center, transportation throughout treatment, and private chefs who prepare three nutritious meals a day. Intervention Drug Rehab, Redmond truly wants to take all of the stress out of your recovery process. Throughout your relapse prevention program, you will learn sober social norms and positive coping practices that you will integrate into your daily life. Positive practices like art, meditation, yoga, exercise, hiking, 12 step programs, and therapy are only some of the options we offer. Our staff will help you discover which options work for you as viable replacements for substance abuse during times of temptation and stress.

During the week, you will participate in drug and alcohol education classes, 12 step programs, and therapy. Intervention Addiction Treatment, Redmond truly wants to prepare you to maintain your sobriety. We want you to have all of the tools and skills necessary to stay sober and to thrive, after treatment ends. On the weekends, you will be encouraged to take part in off-site group activities that are designed to foster self-reliance and the creation of a sober support network between you and other clients in recovery. Some of the outings we offer are beach trips, kayaking, paddle boarding, go-karting, shopping days, and movie nights. Call our intake coordinators today to discuss our vast array of treatment options, and begin your journey to lasting recovery.


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