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Successful sobriety is something that you can achieve. Just call Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Lynnwood, and our network of providers will facilitate your complete recovery. We create customized and individual addiction treatment programs for each of our clients, based upon their addiction history and the severity of substance abuse. The duration of our treatment programs can last 30, 60, or 90 days, based upon the recommendation of your case manager at intake. We keep a low client intake in order to provide the maximum amount of comprehensive care and consistent access to our vast array of services.

All of our addiction treatment programs are created from an approach called dual diagnosis. Due to how the disease of addiction affects both the mind and the body, we find it imperative to treat both the psychological and physical side effects of the illness. Our providers identify and address both the mental and physical aspects of addiction allows our providers to set you up for a lifetime of sobriety, as we will treat your addiction from its’ source. Intervention Drug Rehab, Lynnwood will be here for your throughout every step of your treatment from detox to your relapse prevention program.

Detox is the first step for all clients at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Lynnwood. We know that the idea of detoxing can be overwhelming and scary. We do not want you to have to worry about painful side effects of withdrawals. Our physicians prescribe non-addictive medication to ease you into a restful detox. The medication is regulated and stabilizing in order to maintain your comfort throughout the entire process. Detox is important because it causes the brain to tell the body that it is no longer reliant upon daily substance abuse to survive. Afterwards, you will move into a luxury sober living facility with others who are working to stay sober.

While living with others in recovery, you will have the chance to take advantage of a wide array of positive coping mechanisms. Positive practices like these are designed to take the place of substance abuse during moments when you may be feeling tempted or triggered. Some of the activities that you will be encouraged to explore are art, yoga, meditation, exercise, hiking, and 12 step programs. We know that not everyone will be helped by the same activities, and we are committed to helping you discover what works for you. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Lynnwood wants to set you up for sobriety, and we also want to set you up for success.

Classes on budgeting, resume building, simulated interviews, establishing residency, and more, will be available to you through our professional preparation services program. Toward the end of your addiction treatment program, your counselor will offer you the chance to prepare for home life and the workforce through these helpful classes. Intervention Addiction Treatment, Lynnwood is here to prepare you for a successful and sober life. Call an intake coordinator today to discuss what treatment options are right for you or someone you love.


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