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Throughout the past ten years, overdose related death has increased in the United States. Intervention Drug Rehab Association, Federal Way does not want you to become a part of that statistic. It is not too late to reach out for help. We know that asking for assistance when battling an addiction can be overwhelming and almost impossible. As soon as you give us a call, our intake coordinators will take care of the rest. We will take the stress and fear off your shoulders and facilitate your entire recovery process for you.

Intervention Addiction Treatment, Federal Way’s addiction recovery programs are always customized thoroughly for each individual patient. Personalized treatment programs have a much more highly effective rate of lasting recovery than applying the same methods of treatment to every patient. Each treatment program is designed from a dual diagnosis approach. This means that our physicians and counselors will work together to identify and address both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. By treating both the mental and physical side effects of your addiction, we will be able to lay a firm foundation for your successful sobriety.

Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Federal Way, we accept new clients on a rolling enrollment basis. This allows us to maintain a low capacity and a maximum quality of care. By keeping a low client intake, we are able to offer you constant access to comprehensive care and our vast array of services. Your first step of addiction recovery will be to undergo a medically administered detox. Many of our clients come to us feeling distressed about the prospect of detoxification because of fears about withdrawals. Our physicians are committed to making the process as easy as possible for you.

While participating in your relapse prevention program, you will learn positive coping mechanisms and sober social norms. Positive practices such as 12 step programs, exercise, hiking, art, yoga, and meditation are only some of the options that we will help you explore. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Federal Way is committed to assisting our clients in finding a positive replacement for drug or alcohol abuse when feeling tempted or triggered. Therapy will be an intensive part of your addiction treatment program. We offer individual therapy, family sessions, and group counseling as viable ways to discover important truths about the root of your addiction.

Once you have become more comfortable living in recovery, we invite you to take advantage of our professional preparation services. Here, you will be able to attend classes on budgeting, maintenance of bodily care, establishing residency, and more. You will also be able to get help with creating a quality resume, assistance with your job search, and participate in simulated interviews to help prepare you for the real thing. Intervention Drug Rehab, Federal Way wants to equip you with all of the necessary tools and skills to maintain your sobriety at home and in the work force. If you or a loved one could use professional care when it comes to addiction recovery, call our compassionate intake coordinators today.


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