3 Addictions in the White House

3 Addictions in the White House

3 Addictions in the White House

While there may be a number of volatile associations that come to mind when you hear “President of the United States,” one of them probably isn’t “addiction.” Nevertheless, even those who live in the White House aren’t immune from the dangers of substance abuse. Read on to learn about three individuals who struggled with addiction in the White House.

James Buchanan

The fifteenth President of the United States was well-known for his excessive drinking. Each Sunday, he was said to have gone to pick up a 10-gallon barrel of whiskey after he attended church. Buchanan would drink on a daily basis, and guests to the White House were often impressed (or frightened) by the amount of alcohol he could consume. In fact, he had such a high tolerance that it was even noted by members of the press that he could consume an extreme amount of alcohol without becoming intoxicated, a well-recognized sign of addiction.

Betty Ford

Betty Ford was the First Lady to the 38th President, Gerald Ford. In 1942, she had married William G Warren, an alcoholic. They had a tumultuous relationship, as Warren was an alcoholic. In 1945, Betty resolved to divorce Warren, but no sooner had she made the decision than Warren fell into a coma due to his substance abuse. While Betty remained to help care for him as he recovered, the divorce was finalized two years later, after he had recovered.

She subsequently married Gerald Ford, and when Richard Nixon resigned in 1974, Betty became the first lady. In 1978, her family staged an intervention, confronting Betty for her abuse of alcohol and opioid pills. Betty entered a substance abuse treatment program, and once she had recovered, she resolved to open a drug rehab center herself, in order to help others who struggled with addiction.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States. However, before being sworn in as President in 2001, Bush struggled with addiction. In 1976, he was arrested near his family’s home in Maine for driving while under the influence of alcohol. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that Bush resolved to put the bottle down for good, after his 40th birthday celebration. By his own account, it was a “particularly boozy night.” The next morning, Bush got out of bed and resolved to quit drinking for good. Bush has stated on many occasions that he never touched alcohol again — although due to the potentially deadly consequences of alcohol withdrawal, he probably should have considered an addiction recovery program.

Get The Help You Need

Needless to say, addiction to drugs or alcohol can strike anyone, including those on the national political stage. No matter what the circumstances that lead you to the situation you’re in now, you can get the help you need. If you’re struggling with addiction, or you’re close to someone who is, a drug abuse treatment center can help get you the tools you need for recovery. One of the drug rehab centers in the Intervention Association network can provide you with the help you need to begin working toward recovery now.

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